Looking for hiker in Marble Canyon who found a dumped puppy

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Looking for hiker in Marble Canyon who found a dumped puppy

Post by EmilyAtl » Nov 03 2018 4:41 pm

This past Thursday, my boyfriend and I were coming back from the Grand Canyon on highway 64 outside of Marble Canyon and saw a backpacker trying to flag down a car. We stopped and he said he saw a car drive by and throw out a suitcase, and when he checked inside, he found a puppy who was clearly injured, could not stand due to an injured back leg, and in bad shape. He couldn’t take care of the pup and asked if we could get him to a vet. Long story short, we got the puppy to a vet in Flagstaff abs they thought she’d around 2 months old, and fortunately she did not have a broken leg, just a deep laceration, a few other minor injuries, malnutrition, and a belly full of worms. She spent a night at the vet getting fluids, meds, and treatment for her leg. The receptionist at the vet ended up adopting the puppy. 😁

This was Thursday, November 1st, 2018 around 5:45 PM. We were about 4 miles West of 89 on highway 64 in Marble Canyon. The hiker’s name was Nathan and we think he was Dutch or possibly German, he looked mid-20s with blond hair. Anyhow, we’d jusy like to thank him and let him know she’s doing well. This young puppy would definitely not have made it without his helpful to her injuries and the cold temps.
Here’s a pic of the puppy:

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