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Need Assistance: Peralta TH to Canyon Lake

Posted: Jan 07 2019 5:32 pm
by herdbull
So a few years ago I stumbled on this site and use it quite a bit for the maps and trail info while I visit my mother in Apache Junction. The gf and I spend a lot of time around Ist water and up towards Canyon Lake. We can be to the 1st Water turnoff from the Apache hwy in less than 10 mins from my moms park. We love the area.

My first visit here had me inquiring about Peralta trail to 1st water. I'm a trail runner and always looking for new adventures. I've probably done Peralta to 1st Water maybe 5-6 times in the last few years. This year I wanted something a bit farther and different so I went from Peralta to Canyon Lake and the Marina.

The trails are nice until you turn off onto trail 103 and head into Boulder Canyon. The first 3+ miles of that is real tough to trail run. So the next day we took a hike from the hwy down to 1st Water and headed south. I believe it's called 1st Water Lower Creek Shuttle trail. That's a no go as well.

So I'm looking for a way to link up Peralta to Canyon Lake without going through Boulder Canyon. One idea is Peralta to Black Meas loop, trail 241, and then connect back to Boulder Canyon trail 103 via 1st Water to Canyon Lake. I think it's like trail 236. I remember seeing the sign for Second water going off to the left while in the bottom of Boulder Canyon. I just don't remember if it misses most of the garbage in boulder canyon. The last .5 miles of the canyon floor is ok, then you just have to climb up and out and finish the last 2.5 miles almost all down hill.

Any thoughts? I even thought about connecting Tortilla Flats to Peralta but it doesn't appear there's a real easy way to do that.

Re: Need Assistance: Peralta TH to Canyon Lake

Posted: Jan 07 2019 6:02 pm
by joebartels
yes #241 > #236 > #103 is the best option to avoid the majority of the undesirable uneven canyon segment

quick reference for others to plan
[ Superstition Wilderness Trails :: map ]
which I found by typing sup tra az in search

Re: Need Assistance: Peralta TH to Canyon Lake

Posted: Jan 10 2019 7:11 am
by wildwesthikes
A thought -- if you're going Peralta TH to Canyon Lake northbound, my personal preference would be either Peralta Tr or Terrapin Tr to Dutchman #104 - and go right (east) at the junction (off towards Charlebois).

If on Peralta then you'd need to go up Black Top Mesa Pass. If on Terrapin, most of your climbing is done by the time you get to Dutchman, and you're then descending toward middle LaBarge next to Bluff Spring Mtn Canyon.

I would then take Cavalry Traill #239 and link up with the northern half of Boulder Canyon #103 (this bypasses the most annoying parts of that canyon in my opinion). The views along Cavalry are well worth the short amount of time you are in the lower part of Boulder Canyon. You're only something like 1.5 mi to the confluence with 2nd water #236 by the time you pop out the western end of Cavalry. From there going north there are maybe 5-6 of those frequent crossing points and only two of them are actually annoying to hobble over. Also #103 should not be overgrown again until late April. I find the walking to be surprisingly quick through that section.

I've been doing some multi-day trips lately along a similar route and have really been enjoying the views along Cavalry - not to be missed!

But if you are hell bent on avoiding Boulder Canyon then follow Joe's advice :)

Re: Need Assistance: Peralta TH to Canyon Lake

Posted: Jan 12 2019 3:24 pm
by herdbull
Thanks guys. I like my initial thoughts and I think Joe confirmed my suspicions. The other alternative route I think still leaves me too much of the crappy part of the canyon to contend with. Walking wouldn't be too bad but running through there I only managed 15-16min/mile. Not much of a run and I like to keep moving.

I may also investigate trying to get to Tortilla Flats as a double scoop waffle cone sounds like a good reward after that potential run.