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A Refreshing NPR blurb

Posted: Feb 09 2020 1:19 pm
by RedRoxx44
Listening to a brief clip wherein Craig Childs and friends were recounting an off trail Colorado Plateau route when they discovered a pot. Fast forward 11 years and they went back to see if said pot was still there, because at the time there was debate whether to move it to hide it , hide it in place or what ever. They took an NPR producer with them, minus brownie points in my book. However it wasn't the journey to see if the pot was still there that I thought was great. They had young children with them. About 6 hours into the hike it was clear the kids while doing well were slowing things down. So they were left in an alcove with emergency whistles while the adults went on. My goodness where is CPS!! ( sarcasm). Long story short it appeared a cliff collapse buried or destroyed the pot to the adults dismay. I like this story because thank goodness not all parents are totally paranoid about their kids not having or having the chance to develop any common sense!

Re: A Refreshing NPR blurb

Posted: Feb 10 2020 11:07 am
by Hansenaz
I heard part of that story yesterday...and I wondered if it was the same pot he'd written about before in Canyonlands. I was sort of puzzled by the whole thing since it sounded recently recorded but I thought his kids were older now and he and his wife had split. Was it an old story? Google didn't answer my question about this.
Regardless, I'm a big fan of his books and adventures.