Hiking vehicles

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Hiking vehicles

Post by rally_toad » Mar 06 2008 7:26 pm

What kind of vehicles do you guys all drive when your going hiking? Im thinking about investing in a 4wd high clearance Jeep or something of the sort so I could get to some places where I definitely couldnt get to with what Im driving now (73 mustang):) I saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee today for $2600 and I was thinking about checking it out. What "hiking vehicle" is easiest to drive and which gets the best gas mileage (even though I know most wouldnt be too fuel efficient.)
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Re: Hiking vehicles

Post by SuperstitionGuy » Sep 01 2019 3:15 pm

And the color Concrete comes close to Arizona dirt......
Just sayin...........
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Re: Hiking vehicles

Post by CannondaleKid » Sep 01 2019 5:32 pm

Hansenaz wrote:The right color for a hiking vehicle is "dirty".
...dirty and a full complement of AZ pinstripes. :-$

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Re: Hiking vehicles

Post by RedRoxx44 » Sep 08 2019 3:28 am

Traded in my long suffering 2007 FJ for a pretty 2014 FJ mall crawler. Wow, forgot what a clean well cared vehicle that doesn't see dirt looks like. It's quicksand color, I like it. Got a pretty good deal since my old one needs a clutch, a windshield, a paint job, having issues with a possible leak in the emissions, welded motor mounts, and 195K. Those FJ's do hold their value though. This newer one has NO pinstripes, will have to cure that as soon as I can get decent tires on it. Looked at Taco's , too expensive and too long without rearranging garage.

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