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Hiking vehicles

Posted: Mar 06 2008 7:26 pm
by rally_toad
What kind of vehicles do you guys all drive when your going hiking? Im thinking about investing in a 4wd high clearance Jeep or something of the sort so I could get to some places where I definitely couldnt get to with what Im driving now (73 mustang):) I saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee today for $2600 and I was thinking about checking it out. What "hiking vehicle" is easiest to drive and which gets the best gas mileage (even though I know most wouldnt be too fuel efficient.)

Re: Hiking vehicles

Posted: Sep 02 2020 3:19 pm
by azlaurie
I am purchasing a Smart Car put a lift on it. Cheap and ultralight. Yep. Take that in the back country. YEE HAW! :y:

Re: Hiking vehicles

Posted: Oct 05 2020 11:19 am
by RedRoxx44
I love my AEV Pro Cal. Got tired of looking at or putting painters' tape over the TPMS light ( I run my 10 ply 37 inch tires at 25 psi so I don't give myself whiplash or vibrate everything loose on rough dirt roads) and got tired of waiting for my check engine light to reset. So I turned off the TPMS with the programmer and reset the check engine light. I do have a new Mopar gas cap en route. I also used it to recalibrate my speedo when I went to larger tires and my mechanic used it when he recalibrated the axle ratio. Quite useful, although there are lots of programmers out there now that do more, and probably now for less cost. But I am happy with what I can do with it so far.