Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park

Post by Sredfield »

Anyone been to Glacier? I'm going this summer on a road trip/lite hiking. What shouldn't I miss?
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Re: Glacier National Park

Post by tibber »

I'm headed over on July 18 for 3 days after stopping at the ranch first. You just can't go wrong anywhere in GNP. :y: The Highline Trail is a good one to get some incredible vistas. :y: Avalanche is a nice short hike with a GREAT reward. :y: I do this hike every time I go.

Hopefully this year the snow will not prevent a hike down to Hidden Lake from Logan Pass and Ambika has inspired me via her trip to Patagonia to maybe hike up to Iceberg Lake.

Of course, the hike to Grinnell Glacier through prime grizzly country, past 3 lakes and a walk on the glacier is fantastic too. :y: And you know if I can do these hikes, the "lite" hiking would be apropos. Oh and then there's the hike to Virginia Falls as you go by St Mary Falls. :y:

If you're up there at the same time, PM me. Ambika is coming to the ranch and maybe doing a Missouri River float trip :y: for a day before she heads over to GNP for an AZHighways Photo workshop all over GNP.
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Re: Glacier National Park

Post by Crzy4AZ »

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Re: Glacier National Park

Post by JimmyLyding »

My mom was there a couple of years ago when it snowed in early June.
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Re: Glacier National Park

Post by markyarch »

I was at GNP last year and camped at Many Glacier campground for 5 nights and did medium to long day hikes (8-16 miles). Not sure what you meant by lite hiking. In order of the hikes that I did I liked the following hikes in this order: Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake/Ptarmigan Tunnel, Highline trail, Cracker lake, and Red Rock falls. Saw all different kinds of wildlife and some some cool lakes/glaciers

Also if you go past Ptarmigan Tunnel about 1/2 mile, there is a really cool glacier that you can't see unless you keep hiking past the tunnel.

We then drove on the Going to the Sun road on the last day, but it wasn't nearly as good as compared to the hikes!
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Crocodile Ryan
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Re: Glacier National Park

Post by Crocodile Ryan »

You dont want to miss lake Elizabeth, ptargmigan wall, 50 mountain, goat haunt & stony indian are some of my favorites

The last time I was at 50 mountain I was relaxing in the late summer sun (9pm) far far off trail with a friend, as we were heading back to camp we came across a sow grizzly and 3 cubs digging for roots, it was amazing! :y: they acknowledged that we were there (she stood up on her haunches looked as us and sniffed) and went on with what they were doing for a good 15min, before running off

The Lewis range on the eastern side of the park is the most scenic, and is generally a bit cooler than the western side of the park, Ive done a couple long backpacks there so if your interested I could recommened a couple routes, for shorter day hiking grasshopper was up there last year you might as his opinion of the area
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Re: Glacier National Park

Post by Grasshopper »

Crocodile Ryan wrote:for shorter day hiking grasshopper was up there last year you might as his opinion of the area
Shawn, I don't think you can go wrong with any day hike choices in GNP. I posted hike descriptions (and rated them--> mostly all 5's :) ), trip logs, and GPS Routes for the hikes I chose which were the ones that had been mostly recommend by Ryan, Angela, Laurie, and Mark Y,.. ... 8&SHOW=YES (check out these 3 pages of listing in the HAZ MT GNP hike index for the rated hikes which are the ones we HAZ'ers have posts against). Also, of the books I purchased,here is the one on GNP that I found most helpful for my day hike choices: ... ikearizona
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