Here's an experience

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Here's an experience

Post by AZHikr4444 » Sep 13 2006 11:03 pm

Here's an experience I haven't forgotten...

Freedom stands on the slick rock
In the red dust blue morning
And leaves no footprints

But stretches yoga-style
The asleep-in-the-dew-rice-cake-morning position
Pointing at God with a skyward finger
Left foot against right leg
Armpit hair waving like burnt grass

In a wind that kicks a plastic Sparklett bottle
Panicking along the rock
Over the edge
Into the clear green pools, surface
Now tarnished, a torn virgin.

There are mock layers of anguish
And exclamations of tarnished values
And heroic plans for water-bottle rescue
And the salvation of the planet.

But there is a canyon ahead
Broken by a mirrored stream and unbroken promise
And stones which beckon

And Freedom stretches
The green-snake-collared lizard-gila monster position
The bra-less-vegetarian-flowing-hair-natural-smile position
Packs up in an effortless flourish
And is gone.
A true outdoorsman, when treed by a bear, sits back and enjoys the view.

Lost? Hell, I ain't never been lost. But I have been a mite confused for a week or two.
-The Mountain Men

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Re: Here's an experience

Post by Al_HikesAZ » Sep 14 2006 12:08 am

In response to AZHikr4444's reply:
Namaste. Is kwakwhá. Ahéhee'.
You took the words right out of my mouth. :D

Except it was a Dasani bottle. And I missed the bra-less vegetarian.
Anybody can make a hike harder. The real skill comes in making the hike easier.
Not if we can help it UNCLE JACK. Not if we can help it.

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