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Angels Three book signing and talk

Posted: Nov 27 2015 11:37 am
by Tough_Boots
Wednesday December 2nd at Changing Hands Bookstore's Tempe location--

Karen Perry (with co-author Landon Napoleon) will discussing and signing her memoir Angels Three.
Most residents of metropolitan Phoenix remember the eve of Thanksgiving 2011, when an airplane crashed into Superstition Mountain. Karen Perry lost her entire family that night, a story that struck a chord throughout the Valley, the nation, and was featured on Oprah. Now, four years later, Karen Perry and the book's author, Landon J. Napoleon, visit with her new memoir and to speak about her heartbreaking, but ultimately inspiring, journey.

How does a mother comprehend, let alone process, such a loss? Angels Three takes readers deep inside Karen Perry's world of aviation, the challenges of parenting special needs children, and the indescribable pain of every parent's worst fear come true. This skilled pilot and grieving mother is left to search for clues about what happened that night, and why. Her search for the truth leads to a startling revelation, legal battle with the Federal Aviation Administration, and a troubling question: Was the crash avoidable?