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Help me plan my AZ road trip, (newb)

Posted: Feb 11 2014 12:15 pm
by TrailJumper
Great website! I was directed here to find info. Never seen such an interactive map like this site has. Very cool!

I'm flying into Phoenix and renting an SUV for the week, starting from early morning March 1st. I have to be back in Scottsdale by March 6th, late afternoon. That leaves me 5-1/2 full days of solo adventure.

I have generally never been to AZ, minus Flagstaff a few times, (when I lived in Vegas). I LOVE mountain biking, and plan on renting where/when ever I feel. Day hiking is cool too, but I'd rather MTB. I like technical single track that challenges you back. Full suspension 6" travel bike stuff, etc.... I also dig old desert towns, ancient ruins, and breweries. I'd like to camp most of the way, but ponying up for a room isn't out of the question.

I'm from Chicago, and it's been the longest, coldest winter I've ever experienced, (about 3-1/2 months of sub-zero weather). So, sunny warm spots are preferred, but warm would be like 50 deg's at this point.

I've never been to Sedona and would love to MTB there. I like the idea of Bissbee, but I'm generally just willing to go with it, and road trip. Would like to hit up breweries, and some secluded camping spots. I meeting my gf back in Scottsdale on the 6th, and starting off in Phoenix.

Where should I go?

Keep in mind, if you use nicknames or shortened forms of locations, such as mountains or regions. I wont know what you're talking about, or will be able to search those locations on a map.



Re: Help me plan my AZ road trip, (newb)

Posted: Feb 14 2014 10:08 am
by TrailJumper
Patrick L wrote:
te-wa wrote:Doug Stanhope lives there.
If this doesn't convince TrailJumper, I don't know what will.
:: cancels all plans and heads straight to Bisbee. Ditches gf. ::

Re: Help me plan my AZ road trip, (newb)

Posted: Feb 14 2014 1:35 pm
by RickVincent
No need to waste time in Tombstone that would be better spent in Bisbee. Cafe Roka a great place to eat down there. For some good eatin' and drinkin' towns, I would spend some time in downtown Prescott and Jerome. Rent a kayak at Watson Lake (Prescott) and cruise around the Granite Dells.