Reliable water Snake-Kanab Crk?

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Reliable water Snake-Kanab Crk?

Post by Hippy » Sep 09 2017 3:31 pm

Doing a 3-4 week trip April 2018, a section of the trip wanders through the entirety of Snake Gulch then Kanab Creek. We've not explored either of these sections yet so...

Wondering what water sources are very reliable through Snake Gulch and Kanab to Jump up area. (From there it's a familiar territory)

We've seen a few "springs" on the topos but does anyone have experience/luck with them?

(Ps: no it's not the Hayduke)

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Re: Reliable water Snake-Kanab Crk?

Post by nonot » Sep 09 2017 5:54 pm

Edit: There are two Rock Canyons, they are the last two before slide... I also mistyped Rock vs Rook

I have not done this personally, so take it with a grain of salt, but my research into the area suggests your best odds in Snake Gulch are the are Springs along Snake gulch at Wildband, Willow, and Rock(not Rook), and that the Table Rock Canyon spring is not reliable.

There is a spring report near the intersection of Snake and slide, but it is unclear from reading triplogs how far up slide it is.

When you get near Ed Hatch cabin the pipe output from the spring there is broken, but perhaps you could still find the source.

The first water source I have marked below that in Kanab is around N 36d29m44s and W112d38m17.5s

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Re: Reliable water Snake-Kanab Crk?

Post by friendofThundergod » Sep 09 2017 9:35 pm


Table Rock Spring is actually reliable, just not at location
marked on map, at that location is a dilapidated spring box/trough, the more robust source and trough can be found further up canyon, I did not post route because of some ruins I visited in area, PM for more details @Hippy,..

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