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Crocodile Ryan
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Good Trip Ideas

Post by Crocodile Ryan »

Ive got a buddy from the NW who Im planning on taking on a weekend trip around the first or second week of march. Im trying to come up with some good ideas for a backpacking route, but Im not really sure what to go with and was hoping you guys might be able to give me some good ideas

What Im looking for.......
  • 0-30mi
    0-4000ft : Elevation gain
    Doesnt need to be on-trail I like unexplored canyons/etc, but a trail to start would be nice
    he prefers to be in the forest, rather than the desert
So, what area/hike would be a good primer for someone who has never seen all the wonders of the AZ backcountry?
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Re: Good Trip Ideas

Post by Jim_H »

Do that Parson-Taylor Cabin Loop. The creek will be flowing, you'll get elevation, and there will be forest, or Arizona forest.
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Re: Good Trip Ideas

Post by nonot »

Highline Trail, eastern half. Loop back on the rim once you get to the spring.

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