5-day backpack in the Superstitions

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5-day backpack in the Superstitions

Post by gardel » Mar 01 2017 6:08 am

I'm going to be coming to Phoenix at the end of the month for a five-day trip into the Superstition Wilderness, and was hoping that some of the experts on this forum could help with a few questions.

Here's what I'm planning:
Day 1: Start Peralta TH, take Peralta Trail (102) to intersection with Dutchman's trail (104)
Day 2: Dutchman's Trail (104) to Coffee Flat Trail (108), to Dripping Spring
Day 3: Coffee Flat Trail (108) to JF Trail (106) to Rogers Canyon Trail (110) to Angel Basin
Day 4: Rogers Trail (110) to the Rogers Trough TH, walk west on the road to Woodbury Trail (114), and then camp as far along the Coffee Flat Trail (108) as I can get.
Day 5: Return to Peralta TH on Coffee Flat Trail (108).

Here's how it looks on the map:

Any thoughts or suggestions on this route?

Also, transportation is an issue. My planned companion backed out, and rental cars are extremely expensive for the March 31 - April 6 period -- around $350. I checked Uber, and they say they service the Peralta TH from downtown Phoenix for $45-60. Is there cellphone coverage at the Peralta TH so that I could call for a ride back to town when I get off the trail.

And finally, if anyone would be interested in joining me for all or part of the circuit, I'd enjoy the company.

With thanks for any advice you can give,


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Re: 5-day backpack in the Superstitions

Post by big_load » Mar 06 2017 8:36 am

I've seen plenty of bears and bear sign in the Supes, especially higher up. That includes Reavis Ranch, the approach to it from the South, most of the length of Two Bar Ridge, and more or less everywhere on the east side.

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Re: 5-day backpack in the Superstitions

Post by SuperstitionGuy » Mar 06 2017 9:39 am

Ringtails are the camp robbers of the Superstitions. They come out at night in common camping areas to check out your packs and snacks. Pack everything away, zip up all your pack pockets and hang it high or have it next to you so you can shoo them away if they wake you up. They are cute but harmless.
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Re: 5-day backpack in the Superstitions

Post by Tough_Boots » Mar 06 2017 11:44 am

I've seen bear scat as far west at Bluff Spring Mountain. They are uncommon on the western side but they get around for sure.
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Re: 5-day backpack in the Superstitions

Post by cactuscat » Mar 06 2017 1:45 pm

A ratsack is good for the Supes.
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