Havasupai Temporarily Suspends Tourism

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Havasupai Temporarily Suspends Tourism

Post by hikeaz »

All Havasupai tourism will be suspended for the Campground and the Lodge through April 14, 2020 in response to the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.

Reservation holders with Campground Reservations that have arrival dates between March 16, 2020 and April 14, 2020 will have the "opportunity" to reschedule their reservation for dates within the 2021 season.

An email will be sent to these reservation holders with instructions on how to reschedule their Campground Reservations.

All Campground Reservations remain non-refundable.
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Re: Havasupai Temporarily Suspends Tourism

Post by SuperstitionGuy »

hikeaz wrote:All Campground Reservations remain non-refundable.
In other words they are like the Federal Government "they have already spent the funds".
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Re: Havasupai Temporarily Suspends Tourism

Post by wildwesthikes »

A coworker of mine and her husband had permits there for 3 day trip in the middle of April. She said they received notification and were offered the ability to reschedule for next year. Good that they are not out on the money.
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