Boucher/Hermit CCW or CW

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Boucher/Hermit CCW or CW

Post by Heliops »

Just curious which direction of travel pepole prefer for the Boucher/Hermit loop hike CCW or CW??
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Re: Boucher/Hermit CCW or CW

Post by nonot »

I'd recommend going down Boucher first if you allocate only 1 day for that leg, it's a long day but its downhill. If you plan to break the leg from Boucher to the TH up into 2 days, then do Hermits first.

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Re: Boucher/Hermit CCW or CW

Post by Canyonram »

Agree with nonot---Boucher Trail is wicked hard (I lived in Boston for 6 months) and is difficult no matter which way. Some nasty switchbacks with loose scrabble. Going up the Hermit is easier by comparison and is more traveled. Once you hit the Tonto, take care in finding the continuation. There used to a large rock cairn to mark the continuance of the Boucher---don't want to travel on the Tonto---at least not on the first day.

Probably going to be plenty of hungry mice at the campsite waiting for hikers and some free Gorp. They are part of the mini-ecosystems supported by hiker presence. I made the mistake of not taking a tent and also drawing camp in the designated sites and had mice dancing all over demanding payment for my presence.

Getting late in the year to be hiking Boucher due to the heat. When were you planning on doing this?
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