Joe Bartels hiking injury

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Joe Bartels hiking injury

Post by HAZDevTeam »

On Saturday June 10 while hiking in northern Arizona, Joe fell from a rock outcropping along the trail.

He sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to Flagstaff Medical Center before being transferred to Phoenix.

Joe is currently in serious but stable condition undergoing treatment for numerous broken bones and internal injuries.

There are many questions for which we do not currently have answers. We will post further details on his condition and recovery when doctors are able to provide them.

We know that HAZ is a close-knit community and appreciate the many thoughts and prayers from those of you who have made this website such a valuable resource in Arizona and beyond.

At this time Joe’s family has asked for privacy. Contact from well-wishers is appreciated but overwhelming. Please refrain at this time.

Joe was hiking with HAZ members who assisted with his care until first responders arrived on scene. Other hikers in the same area at the time provided important help. We are very grateful for all those who participated in his rescue. This has been a difficult several days for those involved, so we ask you to not inundate them with messages or questions.

Now, a few notes about the website.
Please don’t PM Joe at this time. He does not have access to HAZ in the hospital.

Technical issues may still be reported using the regular reporting buttons at the bottom of each page. Note that responses to these inquiries will take longer than usual.

This thread is locked because we would prefer not to have a thread full of comments, well-wishes, or discussion at this time. Please do not start a new thread or comment elsewhere on the site. We will provide an avenue for this in the coming days.

If you have urgent questions you may PM @HAZDevTeam but a response is not guaranteed and/or may take some time.

We will post updates here on the HAZ Forum in the days ahead.
We may also utilize the HikeArizona.COM Facebook page to post updates and information:

Thank you for your thoughts and support, patience and understanding at this challenging time and join us in wishing Joe a full and speedy recovery.
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Re: Joe Bartels hiking injury

Post by outdoor_lover »

You know Joe, there are better ways to take an Extended Break from HAZ.... :sweat: Welcome back Sir... Work Hard, Rest even Harder and Take Care Mr. Fallipelli.... :yr:
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming, "Wow What a Ride!"
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Re: Joe Bartels hiking injury

Post by RedwallNHops »

joebartels wrote:
out of all the positives i cherish my physical trainer Allison the most
Friends, family and neurosurgeons tried to convince me i'd be okay
It just didn't resonate until Allison yelled out in the stairwell as I ascended floor after floor
"JOE slow down, you are wearing me out" :y:
I knew at that split second everything would be okay
naturally I asked Allison to find something more challenging and she delivered in spades
my balance test the next day had my quads screaming and sweat rolling down my face again
t'was the greatest challenge in my life followed by the sweetest reward ( Allison cleared me for independent mobility )
i kept my fall risk bracelet as a reminder to the dark lonely weeks of not being allowed to stand without alarms and swarms of nurses intercepting my mobility
- teva joe

Your story is very familiar and brings back a lot of memories(good and bad). Not being allowed to stand or walk on your own is a tough pill to swallow. I'm so glad you're cleared for independent mobility and are out of rehab!!

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Re: Joe Bartels hiking injury

Post by Paintninaz »

joebartels wrote: I knew at that split second everything would be okay

- teva joe
And we can all breathe a little easier knowing this! Welcome back, Joe! :app:
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Re: Joe Bartels hiking injury

Post by rgawan »

You've no idea how you've touched my life, and others just by creating and maintaining that HAZ website!!! So, I'm sending you healing energy and love!! One of my secret goals has been to meet you on a trail someday! It might still happen...'cause you're going to be back out on the trails in NO TIME!!! Speedy recovery!
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Re: Joe Bartels hiking injury

Post by neilends »

Joe, I've briefly wished you well before but I hadn't learned the full details of your accident until just now.

As you can see I'm an 8 year member of HAZ. Almost a decade. I was a 30something when I started. When I'm healthy and fit, it's because I've been active on HAZ. When I'm being lazy and my doctor starts lecturing me, it's because I've lapsed from HAZ use. I'm getting back into the swing of things again now and this site is my primary tool for doing it. Your passion for what we all do here and for this site has helped a lot of human beings. So as you continue to recover, please know that you are getting positive vibes to support your healing every single day. Get well and be strong brother.
"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." --John Adams

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