Where were you??

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Where were you??

Post by RedRoxx44 »

19 years ago I was leaving for work when the first plane had hit one of the towers. At first everyone was like, " what a terrible accident" . I don't remember my commute time but I did not have the radio on in the car. At work I was the first one there opening up and turned on our little background music radio. The second plane had just hit and the announcer was freaking out saying it was some sort of attack.
My receptionist showed up and she hadn't heard much more. Had a few clients come in but no one really wanted to do anything but talk about what was going on.
There were military installations nearby and soon a sort of informal local state of emergency was declared. My boss called and told us to cancel patients and close the clinic for the day and go home. I remember driving home in sort of a trance, the big 6 lane interstate in Cali was almost empty. No planes in the sky. A very weird day followed by several as everyone tried to digest what had happened.
While this pandemic is different the sort of disconnected feeling when your reality is disturbed is still there.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by kelly14 »

I was in 1st grade. I was at school. Teachers started crying but they didn’t tell us anything. Went home and then saw the news. I remember my dad was saying some not so nice things that evening... Didn’t understand the scope of everything but knew whatever happened was BAD.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by outdoor_lover »

I was on my Honeymoon. We were on our way to Yellowstone NP and had stopped for the night in Provo, UT. Got up in the morning and turned on the tv in the hotel while we were having coffee. The first one had hit, so we watched and then we saw the 2nd one go in. Needless to say, we didn't get an early start out of the hotel. We finally hit the road because we had reservations in Jackson Hole for that night. It ended up being a pretty weird honeymoon with televisions on everywhere we went. We ended up kinda having Yellowstone and the Tetons almost to ourselves except for the travelers that were stranded there.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by joebartels »

On day 2 of a vacation. Stayed home all week and worked on a time-consuming 4-year 9-month hobby. Remember it in the background on TV, then the awakening when the second? hit as they were covering the story.
- joe
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Re: Where were you??

Post by big_load »

I'm not sure I've posted this before, but I might have.

The towers were visible on my daily commute from a hill on I-80 in Morris County. I was going in to work a bit late and had seen the first impact on a gas station TV while I was waiting to pay. I was scheduled to go into the City for equipment testing later in the day, which was postponed due to travel restrictions that lasted about a week. We had ongoing problems because our test van was packed floor to ceiling with electronics that suddenly seemed suspicious to anyone who saw it.

As I sat in traffic with the smoking towers on the horizon, my wife was watching them from much closer, at a gate in Newark Airport waiting for a flight that never took off. She was stuck there for most of the day, then had difficulty getting home because of all the messed up traffic.

Every local fire department and ambulance service (all volunteer) sent every vehicle and person they could spare.

It was crazy for a long time afterward. In almost every NJ town, telephone poles were covered with desperate pleas for information about missing people. Several of our neighbors worked in the towers, but were away on travel or for some reason hadn't gone to the office that day. Some of them were never truly OK after that.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by rwstorm »

A group of us had just completed the regular SAHC Tuesday morning Blackett's Ridge workout hike in Sabino Canyon and were winding down in the parking lot. A new hiker with the group came back to us to announce a hijacked plane had crashed into one of the WTC towers in New York. We were caught off guard by this, partly because this person was new to the group and because it seemed crazy. We headed over to a nearby cafe for pastries and coffee and found out his pronouncement was real. The strange thing was that we never saw this individual on a hike again. A messenger of doom?
Anyway, thus began a most surreal day and period of time.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by AZLumberjack »

I had just transferred into an in-house engineering position from a very heavy air travel position. I was sitting at my desk when a sales intern busted in announcing that an airplane had just hit the WTC tower. Shortly, several of us were gathered around a TV in the meeting room when the sales VP came in wondering what was going on. We brought him up to date as the second plane hit the South Tower, he just told everyone to go back to work.

I was still a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard so I called out there to see what the military reaction was to what was happening and was told everyone is on stand-by until this gets sorted out. Some of our people did get activated and sent to Germany for a short duration.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by SuperstitionGuy »

A friend of mine was an instructor pilot at Deer Valley Airport and had been teaching a number the of Saudis to fly. They saw the news that morning and when discussing it with his wife she said that he had better call the FBI before they called him! He called the next morning and was on the phone with them for a total of four hours.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by Hansenaz »

I was at a technical review meeting at Sematech in Austin TX. I watched the happenings on the Today Show in a hotel room and during breaks in the meeting. Later that day I got word that my father had died (unrelated - he had been ill with cancer).

I got in my rental car and headed to Boulder CO for the funeral and to be with family. I remember passing through Waco and Oklahoma City and thinking how bizarre this was. Four or five days later I took that same short term Austin rental car home to Phoenix.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by Canyonram »

I was living in Big Water Utah (a tiny collection of trailers and houses) just outside Page, AZ. I had a contract for a Food Safety Reference book with Prentice-Hall and rented a trailer at the eastern end of Big Water for the solitude to write (and also for the easy access to Paria Canyon). It had an enclosed screen porch that faced to the east—for amazing sunrises as I cranked up the PC and coffee pot and dug into the daily writing/research.

On 9/11, I checked on the early news. The first internet reports stated that a small commuter plane had crashed into the Trade Tower and started a fire. I turned off the internet, cranked up the Beethoven CDs, and got to work and didn’t stop until late afternoon. I turned on the TV while fixing supper and got the full horror story.

Later that night, I went out on my porch steps. On ‘normal’ nights, the sky above this part of AZ/Utah is crisscrossed with plane traffic. On 9/11, there wasn’t a single plane in the sky—just stars.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by Alston_Neal »

Our experience was like everyone else, a day we will always remember. A lone military tanker would fly over our house and loop at New River Mesa. We could see some east west fighter traffic and it's when I learned that military strobes are faster than civilian. One of our employees found out when the FBI stopped in to our biz that her rental neighbor was Hani Hanjour. There were a number of new business owners around us that were from Iran and Syria. My next door neighbor was a military pilot from Syria, the FBI chatted frequently with him. Unlike COVID-19 it hit and we moved on, forever changed, now a slow attack, but now it's the whole world and we all have to work together.
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Re: Where were you??

Post by Daytripper »

I was in the middle of seeing patients during clinic in Orlando, FL. As the realization set in as to what was happening the visits became more for expressing anxiety,venting and crying instead of for the scheduled complaint. I was still in the Naval Reserve and after being recalled to active duty for operation Desert Storm I began fielding questions concerning how soon would I be leaving. As it turns out not until July 2002 when I accompanied my training unit to enjoy the desert near 29 Palms and Camp Wilson. Did not end up back on active duty but I did move out to Arizona due to this and other reasons. In a side note the next day ,9/12 , my wife and I had observed unusual activity at the compound across the lake from us near Clermont, FL. , noticing a number of black large SUV’s coming and going. Later we learned federal law enforcement were picking up, questioning and getting one of the brothers, Khalil Bin Ladin, out of the country. We surmised he must have been a Walt Disney World fan.
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