Being a nerd- a photo nerd

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Being a nerd- a photo nerd

Post by Jim_H » Nov 11 2012 9:49 pm

Maybe it isn't what you thought I meant, but it's pretty nerdy. Several years ago, I took a picture, actually at the time I took several. I then loaded them to places, oh, like wikipedia, and now, a number of my pics are top images when doing an internet search. My image of a Jeffrey pine appears to be number 1, and a Hesperus mountain image is #3, in a recent search. I loaded others, too, but I guess they weren't so good.

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Re: Being a nerd- a photo nerd

Post by imike » Nov 12 2012 6:13 am

It can be fun... I chose an interesting shot of Ortega Canyon and submitted it... it has been chosen for publication in a book coming out soon. Won $50 and free food passes over the summer with a highly composed shot of a campfire setting. Alas, the good camera bit the dust... back to shooting lower quality.
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