Clear Creek... All of it.

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Clear Creek... All of it.

Post by natecolsen »

Has anyone trekked the full length of Clear Creek from Blue Ridge Reservoir to McHood Park near Winslow or heard of anyone who has? I've done a 40ish mile section of West Clear Creek and am very curious about this 100 or so mile route now. I understand that depending on water levels/time of year I could be doing a very, very large amount of swimming, but as another option I am curious how deep the canyon gets in the middle to eastern sections of the creek. My hope is that some of the sections with lower canyon walls could allow me to scramble out and back in to skip some of the longer portions that require swimming. Has anyone visited some of the more remote sections of this canyon before? Any advice is much appreciated.
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Re: Clear Creek... All of it.

Post by ArtGuyDeluxe »

Just ran across this forum. I’ve hiked and paddled a lot of this canyon via many separate day hikes, and I’d have to say that although it’s not impossible, it’s on the borderline. Many parts of this canyon are massively rugged, with sometimes mile-long log jams that have the habit of swallowing you when you least expect it. There’s a reason I keep going back. There’s nothing like it. A word of warning though, much of the middle and lower canyon is owned by the Hopi and the last 42 miles has no in or out. Fully boxed in with monster boulder chokes. I know it’s been kayaked, but I have no idea how they got through there. My best advice would be to paddle up from McHood lake and see how far you can go. It’s massively rewarding and will give you a good sense of what to expect upstream. I’ve been dreaming of this trip for years until I did this, and it really sobered me up. You also have private property issues with access to the lower 42 miles of Canyon, so getting in or out would require ropes and permission. If you decide to do it, take every precaution, and please do not post pictures.
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