Looking for long loop/noose from Pinto Creek TH

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Looking for long loop/noose from Pinto Creek TH

Post by Mr_Squishy » Jan 26 2019 3:47 pm

I'm thinking of starting at Pinto Creek TH, hiking Haunted Canyon to Bull Basin to West Pinto to Wildcat Canyon to FS 305 to Pinto Peak #213 to Campaign.
Then Campaign back to the Miles TH area, Paradise back to Haunted Canyon to Pinto Creek TH.
Other suggested cowboy camping sites? Reliable water sources?
I am, of course, checking the spring reports, but always appreciate additional insight.
Any other suggestions for a long multi day loop or noose?
I'd like to bivy on the Gov't Hill summit - anyone know if there's a flat spot big enough for one up there? I know I'll have to haul my water up with me.
I've hiked most of these trails before, but I want to put them together for nice, long trip.
Thanks for your help.
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