A good day hike that will kick our butts

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A good day hike that will kick our butts

Post by spirited » Sep 17 2003 7:34 pm

My husband and I will be in Phoenix in early November for a wedding, and are excited to do a long day hike one of the days we are there. We only make it out to AZ once or twice a year at most, so we want to make the most of it! Can anyone recommend a hike that wouldn't be too far of a drive from Phoenix? Maybe 1 or 2 hours away at most. We're looking for a trail with a difficulty level of 4 or 5. We loved the Colorado River trail at Havasupai, and thought West Fork was great too (not quite as strenuous but very scenic). Something with variety for our eyes and that will get our hearts pumping. I started looking through TrailDEX but I don't know what would be a good hike that time of the year. Thanks!

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Post by Daryl » Sep 17 2003 8:50 pm

In November, anything in the superstitions would be perfect.
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Post by desertgirl » Sep 18 2003 7:15 am


You might want to consider Mt.Wrightson. Its near Tuscon (about 2 hr drive) . Great hike -- Great workout! It might be a bit cold there by Nov...

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Post by Lizard » Sep 18 2003 8:04 am

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Post by lobo41 » Sep 18 2003 8:26 am

Don't forget to look to the west of Phoenix. There are some great hikes in the White Tank Mountains. A combination of Goat Camp Trail and Willow Springs will give you an excellent workout and a variety of terrain.

It is a little longer drive to the trail head, but Quartz Mountain (also on the west side) is a great hike.

On the otherhand, if you go to the Superstitions as Daryl suggests, Flatiron will get your heart pumping and Reavis Falls is a nice hike.

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Post by Glitter » Sep 18 2003 8:28 am

Six-Shooter trail in Globe is a very challenging but beautiful hike in the city of Globe. November will probably get you some fall colors as well. Happy hiking! :D
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Six Shooter

Post by jw63 » Sep 18 2003 8:43 pm

In response to Glitter's reply:

Six Shooter is a great hike! Did it on Sunday with Ksorensen and couldn't recommend it more.

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