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Post by fairweather8588 »

Looking for some more hikes that will lead you to or take you by cabins that are preferably on public lands, similar to the taylor cabin out by sycamore canyon
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Re: Cabins

Post by BobP »

Kendrick Mtn cabin in Flag...with a few dif trails to get there.
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Re: Cabins

Post by fotogirl53 »

Winter Cabin off Woody Mt Rd down in one of the canyons that leads to Sycamore Canyon. This area is where the Taylor Fire was.
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Re: Cabins

Post by SuperstitionGuy »

Look under Cultures for Wooden Dwelling and Pioneer Stone Dwelling and you should find a number of trips to consider.
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Re: Cabins

Post by big_load »

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Re: Cabins

Post by azbackpackr »

Oh, pet peeve of mine, watch out for rant:

The forest service seems to be trying to get rid of cabins. I have heard they are the ones that purposely burned the very picturesque Thompson Ranch cabin near the TH for the Thompson Trail on FR 116 West Fork of the Black River, and they also burned the one at Pat Knoll. There is a nice one on FR 85, Milligan Valley Road, (Nelson Reservoir 7.5, a little over a mile due south of McKay Reservoir.) It is still intact, but over the past 5 years vandals have broken the windows. Not too late to rescue it, but despite the Forest Service's mandates to preserve historic sites, they have done nothing to save it. There is one that the G&F dept. could have saved, on Sipe Ranch, just by putting a tin roof on it when they bought the property, called Rudd Creek cabin. Too late to save it now. There is one on Grant Creek, no roof, just upstream from where the Grant Creek Cutover Trail, #306, meets the creek, which could have easily been saved just a few years ago by funding the trail crew to take a few bucks worth of 2x4's and tin roofing down there on the mules. Probably too late to save it now. Too late also for Saffell Homestead, in the Murray Basin Trail system near Eagar.

Cabins need roofs or they will disappear, and roofing materials are cheap. Each cabin should also be in the state's Site Steward program, to have someone monitoring for vandalism, etc. At present, most site stewards watch pre-Columbian archaeological sites. There should be a small budget to replace glass, roofing materials, etc., and a volunteer program or Eagle Scout program could easily be put together to do the labor. When I once suggested these ideas to the Heritage Preservation person in the Apache-Sitgreaves NF, she said they were good ideas, but didn't think the FS would sponsor or support it. (What the heck, they probably needed to buy a few more of those green pickup trucks so they can run up and down 261 all day long.)
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Re: Cabins

Post by whereveriroam »

Can't forget Haunted Cabin in the eastern Superstitions.
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