Suggestions for 3-day hike 3/7-9

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Suggestions for 3-day hike 3/7-9

Post by Marten » Feb 26 2003 1:10 pm

I am trying to find a good 3 day backpacking trip for March 7-9, Easy to Moderate rating.
Phoenix area or Southern AZ. So many good trips on here its a little overwhelming.New to AZ, havnt really seen much of it yet. Thanks Marten

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Post by Lizard » Feb 26 2003 2:19 pm

The Mazatzals are nice during March.
Club Cabin has description of some of the trails, though the entire hike is probably too long to do in three days. Also check out the Mazatzal Peak loop. You could turn this into a three day loop with a side trip up to the summit of Mazatzal Peak.

Another option to check out is the western Superstitions. A very good trip can be made from linking up these three trails: ... 09%20South ... ks%20Trail

Have fun,


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Post by Sredfield » Feb 26 2003 3:59 pm

I did this loop a couple years ago, wonderful day trip, and this year will be awesome with the recent rains. March 7 may be week or two early, but should be great anyway.

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Post by kiluam » Feb 27 2003 12:13 am

Havasupai is excellent this time of is amazing..but arizona has crazy weather pattersns sometimes..the hike itself is pretty easy..some switchbacks in the first mile or so..after that its relatively flat all the way to the campgrounds..but it is not in your preferred region of hiking..but you maybe want to look into it..just another option really.

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3 day BP

Post by hikeaz » Feb 27 2003 7:19 pm

If a shuttle is a possibility, you might try Peralta T/H to Canyon Lake T/H. in the Sup's.
As well, Rogers Cyn. then Frog Tanks around to Reavis Ranch, then back out the Reavis Trail to the Rogers T/H is nice, as well. ( an added bonus is that you could visit Circlestone on this loop)
Or, from Peralta T/H, take the Dutchman trail to Miners' Summit, picking up the Whiskey Sp. Trail, to the Red Tanks Tr. north & you will again pickup the Dutchman Tr. near LaBarge Spring.
If you continue north you can hit Charlebois sp., then head west on the Dutchman, and either take the Terapin, Dutchman or Peralta back to the T/H.
You might consider buying, or checking out @ the library The "Hikers Guide to the Superstition Wilderness" by Jack Carlson & Elizabeth Stewart.
Have fun !
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Barry Dale
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Post by Barry Dale » Feb 27 2003 8:09 pm

You can't go wrong with the Superstions trip that Lizard suggested. Start at the Rogers Trough trailhead. Easy hike down Rogers Canyon the first day to Angel Basin leaving you plenty of time to explore the magnificant cliff dwellings. Next day, on down Rogers Canyon to Fish Creek then up the Frogs Tank trail and over to Reavis Ranch - nice perrenial stream. That is the hard day (moderate actually). Last day is an easy pack back out to Rogers Trough. Great loop trip. Maybe 18 miles total - half of it the second day.

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Post by Nighthiker » Mar 01 2003 12:46 pm

Throw a dart at the map.

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Post by grit » Mar 05 2003 7:43 am


A month ago I would have recommended the Rincon Mountains, east of Tucson. However, they've now laid on us a new, $6 per night fee to camp in the park. Plan on lightening your wallet to the tune of $18 for your three day hike. You might as well get a $20 annual pass to the Catalinas. That'll get you 365 days of camping for about the same cost.

grit :cry:
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