Day hike in the Apache Junction area

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Day hike in the Apache Junction area

Post by tdada »

Hey Sports,
I'm going to be out in Apache Junction this weekend and would like suggestions for a moderate
hike in the general area. I would like your esteemed opinions. Make my day! Tim
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Post by Daryl »

Go to lost dutchmans state park just east of AJ.

Start at the trail head to Siphon Draw. Follow it about .25 miles to the first intersection and make a left on to the Prospectors trail. That trail will intersect with Jacobs Crosscut really fast. Make a Left and follow the crosscut. For an easy hike you can stay on the crosscut for about 2 miles until it comes to a dirt road, then turn around. For a bit more you can take the treasure loop up the side of the mountain and back down, or catch the Prospectors trail back down.

Have fun!
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Post by mttgilbert »

The hike listed above is a really nice one, but heres a tip. DONT park at lost dutchman state park. Park at the crosscut trailhead. The crosscut trailhead is off of the First water trailhead road about a half mile from the hiway. The dutchman parking lot costs six dollars and the crosscut trailhead is free. The hike listed above is a relatively flat hike and provides really great views of the mountain, but never takes you into the mountains. If you want to go into the mountain you can go a little past the crosscut trailhead to the massacre ground trailhead, There is also the first water trailhead, which has access to several trails through the mountains. The second water trail through garden valley to second water spring is a really nice stretch and promises to be green this time of year. This is probably a six or seven mile round trip and makes a great in and out day trip. If you have any questions about the directions to these places please don't hesitate to PM me.
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Post by landsinaz »

Siphon Draw is a great hike, but it also depends on what you consider "moderate"...For length but not difficulty, we like the Black Mesa/Garden Valley Loop. To just get a feeling for the Superstitions, we ususally take new comers on the Hackberry Spring Loop. You have an incredible variety of options from eith Lost Dutchman Park or the First Water trailhead parking. Have fun!! :)
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Post by kferguso »

Though it's probably a bit more difficult than the other suggestions here, (i.e. Siphon Draw, Jacob's Crosscut), the Peralta Trail ( is tough to beat for scenery and views.
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