Paria and environs help needed

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Paria and environs help needed

Post by mudshark » May 08 2003 4:35 pm

I’m a visitor to AZ from MI. My next trip is going to Page and then visit the slot canyons of southern Utah. Just today I ran across this website: that has some incredible photos of a place called ‘The Wave’. I’m a bit confused about access to this portion of the Paria wilderness. I see that some areas are open and some have reservations required and only allow 10 people per day in. Is this in the unlimited access area, or in the hard to get to north area? I’m not sure which day I will be in the area, and was wondering about the hiking possibilities if I just showed up.

The AZ BLM site seems to be down at the moment, for me at least, but this was the page I was led to:

Can anyone give me a pointer and lead me to some good day hikes in this area? I was planning on visiting Kodachrome and then heading towards Escalante, maybe trying to get to Grovsner Arch, as well. I know this isn’t AZ, but you folks are always so helpful!

Any tips in the Page-Escalante-Grand Staircase region are welcome. I’ve done Bryce and Zion multiple times and am looking for something new.


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Post by lattys » May 08 2003 5:52 pm

I am almost sure this is the same area. There is no personal write-up, but some BLM information. I have a friend that visited this area about a month ago and loved every minute of it!

Good luck!

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Post by Lizard » May 08 2003 8:33 pm

Here is some more info along with a detailed description on how to reach the area:

The area is popular for hiking and requires a day-use only permit from BLM. You will want to get one ASAP too, as they limit the number of hikers going in each day, and if you plan on visiting Coyote Buttes during a weekend it is possible you won't be able to get a permit. They sell out pretty far in advance.

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Post by mudshark » May 09 2003 4:40 am

Doesanyone know if 'The Wave' is in Coyote North or South? North is totally booked, South is still open. Thanks.

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Post by joebartels » May 09 2003 3:00 pm

You're looking for Wirepass Trailhead

that's Coyote Buttes North
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Coyote Buttes Wave Permits - Paria Guest Ranch etc.

Post by hikeaz » May 12 2003 3:01 pm

The BLM office on 89A at the Paria River, sets aside, and releases 10 "walk-up" permits for the next day.
ie. You go @, I believe, 8:30 AM today, and if you secure a permit (lottery if more than 10 persons are there) you can enter Coyote Buttes TOMORROW.

Just west of the BLM office is Paria Guest Ranch see : , ... stop by and you can camp, horseback ride, get a shower, do laundry, etc. .
Ask for "Easton", and say that Kurt sent you, and said to say "HI".
. On Friday & Saturday there is a terrific All you can eat buffet at the Paria Outpost, which shares the land with the Guest Ranch. I guar-un-tee you won't find better eating for 100 miles.

FYI - Buy your beer in Arizona, as Utah has only 3.2, and it's sometimes hard to find, at that.

If you've the time, see Spooky Gulch, Peek-a-Boo Gulch, Fry Canyon, Egypt 3 Canyon.... all, excepting Fry Canyon, somewhat near Kodachrome.

Antelope Canyon near Page) is OK, but kinda "touristy".

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Post by RedRoxx44 » May 18 2003 5:51 pm

I've been to the Wave 4 times- three before this darn permit system. It is in the north and good luck as a walkin; from Wirepass tho you could dayhike part of Buckskin Gulch- or go thru on a day pass and up to the WhiteHouse trailhead- you need an early start, good weather and water proof your day pack, and a car shuttle or mountain bike. Off Cottonwood Canyon Road you could hike into Hackberry Canyon narrows a little ways (one of my favorite backpacking getaways) then into Cottonwood Canyon narrows too. Or go out to Round Valley Draw and drop into that slot for a bit of cooling off. Off the Skutumpah Road out of Kanab or Cannonville you can hike in Willis Creek- very scenic and easy. Bull Valley Gorge is harder. Or you could go into Lick Wash- very beautiful and easy hiking that comes out into Park wash and on to No Man's Mesa- a pristine ecosystem of Utah prior to ranching. Guides to Consult-- The Falcon guide on the Grand Staircase Escalalnte and Michael Kelsy's book on the Paria Canyon and its tributaries. I 've been going to this area for years and never get tired of it---I envy you but I'll be back in the fall!!!

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