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Robbers Roost - from Cave vs. WB Saddle?

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Robbers Roost - from Cave vs. WB Saddle?

Post by Vashti » Nov 13 2017 6:19 pm

Howdy All!

I'm planning on hiking the cave trail up to robbers roost and down west boulder saddle. Is this direction just as easy to navigate as coming up from west boulder saddle? I would rather go down west boulder saddle, and I would like to go up cave, but I can switch if it easier to get to Robbers roost from WB Saddle vs. Fremont saddle. Any input is much appreciated! :) Thanks!

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Re: Robbers Roost - from Cave vs. WB Saddle?

Post by ddgrunning » Nov 14 2017 2:20 pm

I haven't done it in the direction you propose, but if your concern is solely one of navigation, use Route Scout or another gps app/device to download a track, and you should be fine. The trickiest part might be locating the route up from Freemont Saddle. As I recall (going in the other direction), the route kind of fades a bit just before reaching the saddle, with no, single prominent track.

Whether going down the Carney Springs trail from WB Saddle is better than going up is debatable.

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Re: Robbers Roost - from Cave vs. WB Saddle?

Post by lindaagm » Nov 14 2017 8:41 pm

Either direction would be about the same, navigation-wise, but following a track would definitely be helpful. Personally, I like going up West Boulder and down Cave, but that’s simply my preference. Either way would be fine though. That’s a fun loop, enjoy your hike!
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