Westward Arch, Goldfields

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Westward Arch, Goldfields

Post by hikingaz2 »

Any one have a route to this one, last one to finish up the named Arches in the Goldfields, thanks
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Re: Westward Arch, Goldfields

Post by jameslcox44 »

Good Morning,

I've done a lot of hiking in the Goldfields. I followed Ted Tenny's book Hiking the Goldfields to find the arches he list in his book and found many others he does not mention. The book is the best source of information and can be found at the Superstition Museum. He has other books, be sure to get Hiking the Goldfields. Ted's writing is a bit sketchy, but with some persistence, you will find the arches and other treasures in the area. I was unable to find two of the arches listed in his book: Shoe Arch (vandals knocked it down) and another that I have forgotten the name of. You would be welcome to join me and my group when we hike into the area.
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