Mt. Baldy Summit

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Mt. Baldy Summit

Post by azbackpackr » Sep 12 2006 7:08 am

It has come to my attention that due to lack of signage or misinformation a lot of hikers are not summiting Baldy. They just walk right on through the little clearing where the East and West Baldy trails connect. I feel sorry for these people, as the view from the so-called "White Man's Summit" is stupendous! I read through some of the posts on that hike, and some folks did not summit for a very good reason, though--lightning! (August is not the best month on the summit, but it is very pretty along the trail never-the-less.)

To reach the summit there is a well-beaten in trail leading off from the clearing where the East Baldy and West Baldy trails meet. This wide trail heads generally westerly more or less along the National Forest and Reservation boundary. The White Man's Summit is within the National Forest, and is also in a big bald spot, hence the name of the mountain. There is a very tall cairn there, many hikers adding a rock over the years, and there is usually at least one sign-in register, and sometimes there are two. From this summit on a clear day you can see the Peaks by Flagstaff. You can see the Superstitions, the Mazatzals, etc. You can see Mt. Graham and the Catalinas. You can see Mt. Taylor in New Mexico. But even on a hazy day the view is great!

Around about 2001 or 2002 the Apaches erected a great big billboard that said "No Trespassing" but they removed it the following year, and there have been no further problems with access as far as I know. The main thing to remember is, once you are at this first summit you don't hike over to the next little peak, easily visible from the first one--the Apache's peak is about another 1/2 mile along the ridge. It is easy to see you don't go there, because there is no really definable trail leading there, and you have already reached the big cairn, so you don't go any further than that. They don't take too kindly to trespassers over on the "Indians' Summit." But there will be no problems on the first peak, and you will often have the company of other hikers and horse riders there.

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Post by AZHikr4444 » Sep 13 2006 10:13 am

Well, that just gives me ANOTHER reason to hike Baldy again! I've hiked it twice and didn't go to this summit you are describing either time. I came close my first hike- I took a spur trail to the top and came out about 100 yards from the bald spot.

I think Randy, Clark and I would have done it the last hike, but it was stormin', so we were anxious to get on the downswing.

Thanks for the info! Baldy is right now my favorite trail- it's absolutely beautiful and even after two hikes I am ready to go back!
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