Arrowheads in the Superstitions

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Arrowheads in the Superstitions

Post by Robby » May 03 2011 3:04 pm

Hello everyone,
First post here I guess, I wonder if there are any arrowhead- or point projectile experts on this forum?
I went hiking in the Superstitions this weekend, and I found these two arrowheads completely by random on the trail. They were not close together, I found them about 30 min apart. I was thinking they were from Apache Indians or something, as they used to be in those mountains, but I would like to be sure. The biggest to the left is obviously broken.



I appreciate any help!

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Re: Arrowheads in the Superstitions

Post by paulhubbard » May 04 2011 4:12 pm

hippiepunkpirate wrote:I have no idea where the old airstrip would be
Wow, I just looked at Google maps and there's nary a trace of the old Koch Field airstrip... If you go east on Silver Saddle Road until it dead ends, you'll be looking at a small hill to the east. That's where we used to play. Back then that whole area was nothing but sunflower fields (except where the airstrip was), and in the fall we would go dove hunting there. I'm betting you can still find tons of artifact chunks out there (if they haven't all been plowed under), it would just be challenging to stay off private property.
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Re: Arrowheads in the Superstitions

Post by azbackpackr » May 04 2011 8:11 pm

I have a friend who lives at the base of that hill. Squat Puke, where are you?

I drive my bus on Silver Saddle every day. That whole valley is full of houses.
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Re: Arrowheads in the Superstitions

Post by kevinweitzel75 » May 04 2011 8:44 pm

Hey, does that mean if I find Lost Duchmans gold, I have to leave it alone? To hell with that!!!! I'd be a rich man! :D
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