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Documenting a thru-hike...How?

Posted: Aug 27 2016 3:17 pm
by al_schoenback
Hi everyone!

New to thru-hikes, I am hoping this forum can help me navigate some decisions to be made.

I plan to take on the AZT in Spring 2017 with my dad. One important thing to me is to be able to document this trip and experience. But, being such a novice, I don't really know where to start with the technology search.

The goal would be to take photos and videos. Something basic, affordable, durable, and of course a long battery life.

What are your suggestions for photo/video gear?

All input is valuable and appreciated :)

Re: Documenting a thru-hike...How?

Posted: Aug 28 2016 12:28 pm
by Stavman
Im interested in this as well

I use a charger for my phone/light and would last about 5 days.. but thats All
I was thinking sending batteries for said Items to re-suply spots... and send back the dead ones at the same spot.

I mainly use my Phone for Pics... works well... but am looking for something better as well

Re: Documenting a thru-hike...How?

Posted: Aug 28 2016 10:37 pm
by JoelHazelton
Any new point and shoot digital camera w/ HD video capabilities is probably fine for what you want. ... Id=4866810

Just buy extra memory cards and batteries to bring with you.

You'll find one of these to be really helpful as well: