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Scary NRA Militia types?!!

Posted: Aug 05 2002 10:44 am
by pixelfrog
Hi All,

I was on a beautiful hike this past saturday morning on the Bluffs Springs Trail in the Sups. The Temperature cooperated, the sun was behind clouds, there was a nice breeze and of course anyone who's been out there knows the scenery is increadible.

The only weird thing about the hike was on the way back to the trailhead at the end of my hike probably within a half mile of the peralta trailhead, I ran into these two guys that were all suited up for war games or something. Camo, Knives strapped to gear suspenders, a pistol at the older man's side who had so much facial hair, you could barely see his face.

As I passed them with my hiking poles out the older guy said to me all suprised, "Ski Poles?!!!" I quickly explained they helped the old knees on the way down after I noticed he had a gun at his side. I pretty much smiled and nodded then continued on my way.

Now I'm all for everyone's right to bear arms and all, but seeing this kind of freaked me out. I know it's legal to carry handguns in Arizona and that's fine, but I was thinking there isn't a very large reason to carry a gun out there, especially if you are with another full grown adult male.

I have no idea what their reason would be for bringing those types of weopons out there, and the whole incident was a bit disturbing. I was glad that I encountered these yahoo's close to the trailhead. Anyone else run into any of these gun toting militia type weirdo's?


Posted: May 04 2005 10:48 am
by Trans tech
In response to jeremy77777's reply: I look at Firearms in the back country as just an other tool, like the spare tire in your car. You hope like hell that you will never need it, but at least you have an option not to be the victim. I would recommend any one that wants to carry, take the concealed weapons course to know the Arizona laws and basic firearms training.

Posted: May 04 2005 2:29 pm
by Roba' Kai
In response to Trans tech's reply:

I agree. I plan on buying a gun soon. Recently I was alone and a long way from a popular trail when something very LARGE with a low guttural growl followed me for about five minutes. I could hear it move in the bush and there was no missing it's voice. It did not want me there and it made it clear it could take me. All I had was my little can of pepperspray, which it laughed at, I might add.

I would NEVER harm an animal for being nothing more than an animal acting on instinct, but I also have a hard time giving up my life for that principal.

That being said, I think wearing a side arm in plain view will just make others nervous, not to mention make myself look like something I am not. Bears and cougars are not going to drop from trees and surprise me. I would have plenty of time to retrieve a gun from my pack if I need to.

Nobody has to know it is there unless I really needed it and by not having it on my hip like some quick-draw gunfighter, I would not be tempted to unholster it every time I see an unleashed dog.....although, that is a thought.

Roba' Kai

Posted: May 04 2005 2:55 pm
by te_wa
Snick33 wrote:
Dog is my co-pilot.
Reminds me of The pessimistic, dyslexic, atheist? He went around all day saying; “There is no dog”
I think its the dyslexic athiest insomniac... he lays in bed all night wondering if there really is a dog

and what's with people being worried to show their sidearms?
t.s. if someone doesnt like it!

Posted: May 05 2005 1:23 pm
by Roba' Kai
In response to mikeinFHAZ's reply:

I think one of my favorite aspects of hiking is running to other hikers. Some are pros, but most people who are standing at a fork and confused as what to do next. I love making instant friends on the trail. The magical landscape around us is common ground. A lot of people are nervous in the presence of guns (I am not saying that is a rational fear, just that it is a fact) and I would not want the fact that I am wearing a sidearm change the spirit of our meeting. THe gun has a personality of its own, I am then guilty (of said personality) by association.

Here is a perfect example. My son told a friend at school that his dad has a big nazi flag. I do. Word got around and there was some concern. Am I a nazi? No. My grandfather raided a SS headquarters during WWII and took the flag. Spoils of war. A true capture the flag. He gave it to me. To him (and to me) it is a sign of victory.

Anyone who sees me carrying it will most likely have an opinion of me. They would probably be wrong, but that does not change the fact that my relationship with them will be affected by their opinion of me based on what what the flag means to the.

So, I don't agree with T.S. on them. I want everyone else to have the same positive experience "out there" as I have and I want to be able to share that spiritual experience the land gives with those I meet along the way. If that means hiding my gun, then I think that is the right way to go.


Posted: May 05 2005 3:01 pm
by ghoster
I would rather see someone with a gun than some jerk that leaves his trash there for others to pack out.

Posted: May 05 2005 11:50 pm
by Roba' Kai
In response to ghoster's reply:

Boy, isn't that the truth! Every day I seem to come home with more and more of other people's trash.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hiking a wash in Sedona (I love wash hiking) and I notice what looked like a big white lily on the ridge above me. It was sundown and I still had a ways to go so I left it behind.

A couple of days later I took a friend hiking in the same wash. I pointed out the lily (which you could only see when the sun was low in the sky) and she said it was a plastic bag. "No way!, that's a very large lily and it is calling for me to come take it's picture.

Today I started across that ridge. I couldn't get to it, so after about ninety minutes of hiking, I turned back and attempted to approach it from another direction, but the manzanita was too thick and when I found a suitable way around it, I couldn't find my flower. It sang my name, I could hear it in the wind. It was ready and posed.

I doubled back again and hiked down the wash and just climbed straight up. I had been trying to reach it for hours. It was a tough climb and my arms are all scratched up from wait-a-minutes, but with fresh batteries in my camera, I finally reached the plastic grocery bag stuck to a bush blowing in the wind.

Pack it out! How hard is that?


And while you're at it, put your dog on leash, please. People get so upset when I reach for my pepper spray because their dog has just charged towards me. "That's rude, you don't need that, he won't bite you, he just wants to smell you."

Yeah, I guess they are right, I should have know that. I should have known that this strange animal with big teeth running right at me while it's owner is way the hell over there won't hurt me....what was I thinking?

Wow, got that out. I feel better now.

Yup, we pack.

Posted: Jun 22 2006 8:16 pm
by desertlavender
Shocking but true. We spend a lot of time in the border regions, and the coyotes are armed to the teeth.

Posted: Jun 22 2006 9:16 pm
by domromer
Yeah, I really hate dogs off thier leashes, not all people want strange dogs running up to them, and dogs on leash really hate having unleashed dogs running up as well. it's usually puts them straight into a defensive mode since they can't express themselves with body language while being leashed. And how many lizards and other things get mauled by off leash dogs, I don't know why people think because they are in the woods the dogs must run free. It only takes one run in with a rattler for people to regret not having there dogs leashed.

Posted: Jun 24 2006 7:03 am
by 0hurricanes
I do remember a couple of years ago I heard a story about someone was "target practicing" in the desert shooting Saguaro cactus, and it fell on him killing him, karma baby! But if I had a gun (I don't at present) I would carry one, unless I was with another person or a group of people. Saftey in numbers, at least I hope so!


Re: Scary NRA Militia types?!!

Posted: Jun 24 2006 10:03 am
by wetbeaverlover
In response to pixelfrog's reply: You find it disturbing that people are exercising their second amendment rights? And complaining about gun toting weirdos while quoting Hunter S. Thompson in your signature quote? Wow, the Irony. Good material for "The Far Side" comic strip, from days of yore.

Posted: Jun 24 2006 11:21 am
by te_wa
Roba' Kai wrote:In response to mikeinFHAZ's reply:

So, I don't agree with T.S. on them. I want everyone else to have the same positive experience "out there" as I have and I want to be able to share that spiritual experience the land gives with those I meet along the way. If that means hiding my gun, then I think that is the right way to go.

its been a while, but to reflect on my previous attempt at explaining my opinion, I will give this one more shot...
I wanted to express the idea that I WOULD rather see a sidearm in a holster, in plain view than have a person (suspiciously) packing concealed... and we both know more people pack concealed illegally than those with a permit.
MAYBE, if we greet fellow hikers on the trail, they see upfront that we pose no threat, and then maybe their paranoid liberal beliefs pile will at least ease if they use clear thinking to determine that not all "gun toters" are scary, militant ego maniacs with intent to do harm. Some of them should take more caution at the cartoons their children are watching.

Posted: Jun 24 2006 2:50 pm
by wetbeaverlover
At the risk of provoking the anti gun crowd, some things just need to be said. If you don't want to encounter people bearing weaponry in the National forests and Wildernesses, then STAY HOME. They have as much right to bear those weapons (providing they are not restrained by the courts from doing so and or, the weaponry is legal under the law) as you have to voice your opinion. I don't carry weapons, unless you consider my handy dandy juniper stick that i have become attached to, as weapon, but these are the simple cold hard facts, like it or not. When you CHOOSE to go frolicing about the wilds then you are also CHOOSING to run the risk of encountering people who enjoy the wilds, brandishing firearms. Oh, and NEWSFLASH, folks, half of the population of Phoenix is probably packing at any givin time. Reality is a bitch sometimes, ain't it? :)

Posted: Jun 24 2006 4:49 pm
by 0hurricanes
If you people only knew what you are thought about here in Florida! They think 1, your crazy because you live in "that kind of heat dry or not", and that everyone carries a six shooter on the hip (well not everyone). I'm out of here on the 21st of July, moving to Prescott! Tired of all the hurricanes and the stress involved, and no more "fake cowboys" with stars and bars flags on the back of pickup trucks (I hope). Here they passed a law that you can shoot another person if you feel threatened by them, hasn't gotten out of control yet.


Posted: Jun 24 2006 7:14 pm
by azbackpackr
My understanding is that Florida gun laws are similar to AZ's with fewer restrictions than some other states have. And concealed carry permits are available there, etc.

I don't pack all the time, but like to have the option. Also, I sometimes wear cami pants because I get them for free, they last almost forever and they are very comfortable in wintertime. I don't wear the BDU jacket or other stuff though, because it's not practical nor comfortable for me.

During bow season half the population up here seem to be wearing camoflage!

Posted: Jun 25 2006 6:57 am
by domromer
yeah there are no fake cowboys out here in AZ!!

Posted: Jun 25 2006 7:44 am
by azhiker96
prescottlover wrote:If you people only knew what you are thought about here in Florida! They think 1, your crazy because you live in "that kind of heat dry or not", and that everyone carries a six shooter on the hip (well not everyone).
Well I would tell those Floridians that they are right! They should stay where they are. That leaves more room in Arizona for us crazy gun totin heat addicts. :lol:

BTW, welcome to Arizona prescottlover. You'll find some great hiking here and good people to hike with.

Posted: Jun 25 2006 1:01 pm
by 0hurricanes
Thanks! Can't wait to get out of here. The south has become an extension of the north . My heart has always been out west, now my dream can become reality. Can't wait to start hiking on trails that have some elevation gain, I guess my driveway doesn't count as elevation gain right? :lol: July 23rd I'll be out there for good, transfering with my job. People in Fl. will not go out there, no Gulf or ocean, no beaches to speak of, etc. etc. Me I'll trade the Grand Canyon Sedona even Phoenix (Chewys here we come!) for a beach anytime, and oh, no more hurricanes :D !


Posted: Jun 25 2006 2:00 pm
by wetbeaverlover
In response to prescottlover's reply: Over the past 30 year AZ has become alot like a Stars Wars Bar Scene, of every kind of person from every part of the world. As far as no more fake cowboys. :o wait until you are bellied up to some saloon on Whiskey row in Prescott and someone swaggers up in a ten gallon hat and says "Yo, my name is Angelo and im from Joisey". :) Stranger things will happen. Would have gave anything to have been here 100 years ago, but even with the masses of humanity pouring in, it's still the best place on earth! :)

Posted: Jun 25 2006 2:34 pm
by domromer
That fake cowboy comment was meant to be sarcastic. Lots of ten gallon hats and sharp toed boots for kickin snakes in the ass!

Posted: Jun 25 2006 5:03 pm
by 0hurricanes
The "fake cowboys" here are red necks and what I meant by that comment was they swear by the stars and bars flag and believe it or not alot of them are still fighting the Civil War. They fly that flag with alot of pride. And I would pay big money to see that same joisey "cowboy" drive down the middle of S. Carolina and Georgia with northern plates on. It would be a turkey shoot and Deliverance all over again! :lol: I know you have the fake cowboys out there also, but you live in the REAL west. And yes I will be buying myself a cowboy hat, but I won't be roping any steers, it's called a sun protector on a nice hike in the South West! But back on topic, I'm not sure if i'll buy a gun, just yet.