New AZ CCW law

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New AZ CCW law

Post by base871 » May 18 2010 7:36 pm

So now that everyone in the state can carry concealed soon, I was just wondering what the benefit of having my ccw permit is. I can only think of 3- 1) Still dont have to do the NCIS background check. 2)Can carry in a bar or places serving food. 3) Can carry concealed in 32 other states. Anyone know of any other good reasons to renew it?
Also, what about on NPS land? The law states that you must follow the rules of the state the park is in. Does that mean once the new law takes effect we can all carry conceled too?
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Re: New AZ CCW law

Post by azhiker96 » Jun 13 2010 8:59 pm

I plan on renewing my permit.
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