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Favorite Multi Tool?

Posted: Jul 23 2012 2:32 pm
by gringoantonio
What is your favorite multi tool to take with you on backpacking trips?

I have an old Leatherman Wave that has served me well for ages. But I've never used half the tools on it (while backpacking) and am looking for something more pared down and significantly lighter...


Re: Favorite Multi Tool?

Posted: Aug 03 2012 8:13 pm
by Thoreau
Alston Neal wrote:
Thoreau wrote:Oh it had a nice clip on it. I was just a moron =( Worst thing is I know EXACTLY where it is out there, but it's hard to justify a road trip in an FJ Cruiser @ 15mpg (on a good day) to the rim from Phoenix for a $80 knife.
Hmmm let me FJ Cruiser + gas @ $45 for a tank + fatty snacks @ $8 = $53 +or- for an $80 knife.
Ok I'll bite....Where is it?... :D

On a side note I found this on Perry Mesa years ago. The leather sheath was rotted but I cleaned and polished it and it's like new. ... uctID=3051
I'll only tell if ya rat out your $2.37/gallon gas source! :)

Re: Favorite Multi Tool?

Posted: Aug 04 2012 10:50 am
by Alston_Neal
Safeway $2.39 last Tues., but that was a month of rewards. We spend alot there because I'm, well, big boned... ;)