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Buyer beware: Wolf MTN Gear

Posted: Oct 10 2017 8:16 am
by azbackpackr
Buyer beware: There are warnings up all over social media and backpacking forums about this company not fulfilling its orders.
The guy claims also he has rectified the problems, but he still has not filled my friend's order from August. They say it looks like he is waiting for money from new orders in order to buy materials for old orders. Also that he has said things are shipped and provided invalid tracking numbers, and then the things don't arrive. That's the real bugaboo. Oh, and he wants you to pay with "Friends and Family" Paypal, so there is no recourse via Paypal when he doesn't fulfill the order.

Re: Buyer beware: Wolf MTN Gear

Posted: Oct 10 2017 10:46 am
by hikeaz
Sounds like the Ratsack (AOG) guy's m.o. from a few years ago. (BTW - Ratsack is the product's name, my pre-apologies to any easily-offended rat-lovers)

Makes you wish that 'The Squirrel' was still in that business.....

Re: Buyer beware: Wolf MTN Gear

Posted: Oct 10 2017 11:14 am
by chumley
I have never dealt with this company, nor do I know anybody who has. Reports of poor business practices may be true, not true, or a little of both.

It is helpful when consumers are given factual information in order to make informed buying decisions.

However, it is not helpful when consumers are given false, misleading, or incomplete information.

I would be very cautious of posting disparaging comments about a business publicly without being able to personally back up the claims. The quotes below are all red flags to me.
warnings up all over social media and backpacking forums
They say...
my friend's order
I'm not suggesting that the reports are true, false, misleading, or incomplete. I'm not endorsing nor condemning this business. But I am suggesting that not everything that is posted on the internet is always accurate, especially when it comes from second- and third-hand sources.

Re: Buyer beware: Wolf MTN Gear

Posted: Oct 10 2017 2:58 pm
by azbackpackr
This is generally true, but I do know one of the buyers. One of the things that she pointed out is that most hikers are pretty trusting of some of these little cottage industries, knowing that stuff may take a while to be sewn and shipped. But from what I hear from her, this outfit needs to get its act together, at the very least.

Re: Buyer beware: Wolf MTN Gear

Posted: Nov 06 2017 7:19 pm
by wolfmtngear77
Here is something I would like to post sir!

Hello to all fellow Hikers,
I would like to take this time on this post to clear up a few issues about my company Wolf MTN Gear being a scam. Allow me to frist say that im very sorry for how things happen and were handled during the time that my mother passed away. Yes I admit their was lack of communication, not getting orders out in a timely manner. When my mother passed away i fell way behind and became overwhelmed buy the number of orders that was coming in and I did have the right things in place to handle to the work load. Their were many mistakes that i have made since the time that i started the company and im very sorry for them. Since that time I have either issued a refund to customers that wanted one, or sent them their product for free just as our way of saying that we are deeply sorry and that I wanted to make things right and in a few cases they received their refund and I still sent them their product for free. It was never my intentions for anyone to feel like they are being scammed, taken advantage of and I'm very sorry if anyone feels that way.

If their is anyone that reads this and feels like we didn't come through for you or feels taken advantage of then please reach out to me through email at because I want to make things right and to change how you view Wolf MTN Gear..

Things we have done since then to avoid those mistakes again.
1 Put things in place to help with communication
2 Finished our website
3 Given a more realistic time frame to receive orders

I would love the chance to earn your trust and business, as I love making backingpack gear. You can look us up on Facebook to see some of our new reviews from customers within the last couple of weeks.

Again Im deeply sorry for how things was handled during this rough time in my life.

Thank you,
Wolf Mtn Gear