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How to retire old boots?

Posted: Feb 26 2008 1:45 pm
by jdsteele
I finally replaced my 10 year old Vasques with a shiny new pair of Keens. The Vasques were to the point that I could feel every tiny pebble thru the sole. Growing up in Oregon, my parents forced my brother and I to go hiking when we were young. Hated it at the time of course, but as I became an adult I really started to appreciate the exposure. The point is, I'll bet two and half decades later my folks still wear their same boots, the soles just don't wear down so fast on those moist and soft Cascade Mountain trails. Hiking on 100+ degree granite in the desert is a whole different ball game, ain't it?

Long story short... I need to retire my old boots. Is there a ceremony or something I should follow? Like destroying an old flag, I want to give them an honorable and proper burial. Should I shred them into pieces and distribute them among the trails? Nah, Woodsey wouldn't approve. Burn them on a pyre? Rubber and glue smoke... no thanks. Bronze them? Is there an Old Soles Home?

I'll miss those old guys. Never a complaint, blister, blown-out seam or even a broken lace.


Re: How to retire old boots?

Posted: Feb 26 2008 1:54 pm
by AZLOT69
Keep them with you and hand them out the window to a homeless guy at the highway exit ramp stop light.

Re: How to retire old boots?

Posted: Feb 26 2008 2:02 pm
by te_wa
"how to retire old boots"

buy some trail runners and then kick the boots as far as you can off the bridge at Canyon Lake

win/win: free your feet of useless "make believe" ankle support, and provide habitat for fish.