Hydration Pack Pressure Pump

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Hydration Pack Pressure Pump

Post by joebartels »

Posting for those Googling for a solution for facial nerve paralysis / severe Bell's Palsy. If you can't seal your lips then it's tough retrieving water from a hydration pack. Nalgene bottles or such may work, this is for those hooked on the hydration pack or simply can not twist or access a backpack and are not keen on fanny packs.

blow up the pack with air and curl your shoulders to force the water out, since you can't blow you'll need a pump
Forget asking for help from a friend as jokes such as can you taste my taco dinner from last night are sure to surface even from the nicest people on earth
An air mattress bellow type pump might work. You will need to remove the bite valve each time.

a worthy option is a dual tube trail running no-suck system
Geigerrig Hydration Engine
just don't ask frank...
CannondaleKid wrote:
BPAFree wrote:The packs are a little heavy but the bladder is what really sets them apart from anything else. Easy to clean easy to fill and no sucking involved.
You may not have to suck but in my estimation those packs do, in fact suck.

I checked them out in person last week and not only are both the pack and bladder heavier, the 'non-suck' system is just added complexity and cost. There are two hoses, one to drink from and the second hose hanging on the harness to keep the pump is close at hand. Now I didn't bother to see how much effort it took to pump it for the correct amount of pressure, but I thought why would I even need to? Frankly, if its so hard to suck fluid from a hydration tube, I wonder how one has enough energy to breathe. ;)
an option to keep your pack is a food grade silicone pressure pump
A breastfeeding pump might work unless you hike with jokesters
This little guy works like a charm, ERGODYNE-13158
Fit great on my Camelbak hose after removing the mouth piece. Impressively did not fall off even with the added water weight in the bulb on it's inaugural nine hour hike. Since water stays in the bulb this would not be good for hot weather. As an added bonus it doubles as a good fifteen foot squirt gun to keep nearby jokesters in check.
- joe
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Re: Hydration Pack Pressure Pump

Post by Tortoise_Hiker »

Not sure I know the Jokesters my good friend Joe refers to but I can attest that his new pump/squirt gun does shoot 15 feet and quite straight!
Tortoise Hiking. Stop and smell the Petrichor.
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Re: Hydration Pack Pressure Pump

Post by Pivo »

joebartels wrote: a worthy option is a dual tube trail running no-suck system
Geigerrig Hydration Engine
I have one of these, it works quite nicely. A word of caution, the pump needs to be secured to your shoulder strap with the supplied cuff, or it may go missing.
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Re: Hydration Pack Pressure Pump

Post by garyc57 »

joebartels wrote:Geigerrig Hydration Engine
Joe, my son and I each have one. I really like mine.

If physical challenges prevent sucking on a tube, then this is what you need. Just bite on the value, and your mouth fills with water. Or, squeeze the valve with your fingers, and squirt your hiking "buddies", wash off any road rash, etc. I'm sure you can come up with more ideas for playing with your drinking water! :lol:
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