Water jug

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Water jug

Post by Nighthiker » Jun 21 2005 10:08 am

Looking for a good five gallon plastic water jug with screw type fill and vent ? They are available at Pep Boys auto parts. Plastic water jugs with a plug type vent cap if not packed right may pop off and leak. Also available at Pep Boys is the Buddy Heater. Propane fueled heater rated for tents.

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Post by mcontreras » Jun 21 2005 12:02 pm

We have the Buddy Heater and it works great. It goes through the little propane tanks pretty quickly on high, but you can buy an adapter to hook it up to a large propane tank. It's overall performance is awesome. We used it in a tent trailor, mostly for the kids, since they always kick the covers off.
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