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Life Straw

Posted: Jun 17 2013 5:30 pm
by whereveriroam
Any one have any experience with this purifier? I haven't found anything bad written about this product. I'm wondering how long it would last in the SW considering how silty/muddy our water sources can be. The manufacturer claims it'll treat 1000 liters of water. These sell for only $20-$25 bucks and weight 2 ounces!

Re: Life Straw

Posted: Jun 17 2013 7:20 pm
by joebartels
Interesting reading the zillion amazon reviews. Carry around nasty water and sip it clean through the filter.

Since you don't have a pump you'll need something to scoop the water if you can't submerge your holding container. No biggie, just something to consider. Major drawback seems to be sterilization. The one guy talks about using his steripen but doesn't seem to cover dirty water.

Tempting but I'll stick with my cleanable 15oz MSR miniworks. Seems to be one my best buys as the years roll by pumping out tasty water.

Re: Life Straw

Posted: Jun 17 2013 7:45 pm
by oceanwithin
I use something similar to LifeStraw made by Aquamira. IT'S AWESOME! I wouldn't rely on it solely on a long trip or anything, but it is a great backup and I use it all the time to drink from streams/pools when filtering isn't convenient. It's so small and lightweight that it's pretty much a permanent fixture on all trips with water now.