Erratic Screen Workaround

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Erratic Screen Workaround

Post by tibber » Aug 25 2017 1:35 pm

I thot I would share this with the HAZ community. I dropped Kemosabe, my phone, after hiking Boulder Pass. I didn't get a chance to upload my route as I couldn't complete my password pattern. I PMed Joe to see if there was a way we could get the routes in case I have to replace my phone and he said I was out of luck :( . I hiked so hard to be able to create that route and Wendy didn't record it. I really didn't care about the phone at this point but I did want that route! So here is what I posted on the Motorola/Lenovo Community Forum for Pure Edition:
I am quite surprised the Moto people didn't know this when I talked with them via Messenger yesterday.
I dropped my phone. Got a hairline fracture on lower left side. Screen was now unresponsive or erratic; mostly erratic.
I could only complete half my pattern password. I could still get to the camera though and settings.

I kept trying to finish that pattern from time to time and got in a couple times. This last time I knew I had to wipe off that password requirement.
So first I changed the time lapse so that it gave me a lot more minutes before it would revert to the password screen. It took several tries too.
Second, after persistently working with an uncooperative screen I was finally able to get it to say None but it took several tries as the screen would go several different places.
Third, I needed to change the screen from portrait mode on settings to auto so that I could get it in horizontal and maybe have better luck with the screen. I finally got that.
Fourth, I did a couple of hours of Rx and found one program to see my files but that's not what I was interested in as I have everything pretty much backed up in google. So I researched some more and came across this program called Vysor which would give an exact replica of my phone :app: . I at least wanted to get ahold of these routes I had created from a backpacking trip; after all I had had hiked hard to record these routes.
Fifth, but now there was the USB debugging I had to work on before Vysor would cooperate. Once again after a few tries to get to my Developer Option and then to the actual USB debug function, I was successful.

And now, I can control my phone with Vysor and I got those routes uploaded to a website. What a delightful surprise. On Tue, I am hoping to get the screen fixed for $105. If not, I just really wanted those routes before having to get a new phone.

The folks at Motorola Messenger wanted me to post this in the Forums. However, I tried to figure out how to post a couple days ago without success and the people at Motorola Messenger couldn't help. I finally found this: ... ng#posting so hopefully those folks at Motorola Messenger can share that next time too. Otherwise, I've done this all on my own and I'm not a techie but I am determined.
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Re: Erratic Screen Workaround

Post by TheMazzicMan » Aug 25 2017 3:54 pm

tibber wrote:I really didn't care about the phone at this point but I did want that route!
Sorry to hear about your phone mishap @tibber, but glad to see someone else understands what is truly important! :lol:
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