Garmin acquiring DeLorme

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Garmin acquiring DeLorme

Post by joebartels » Feb 12 2016 11:17 pm

news article about Garmin acquiring DeLorme ... y-delorme/
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Re: Garmin acquiring DeLorme

Post by chumley » Feb 12 2016 11:30 pm

@joe bartels
That's interesting. As I've opined before, the market for consumer GPS devices has been severely eroded by smartphones and their apps. The only remaining advantages for Garmin (in the hiking market) are battery life and waterproof/durability vs. smartphones.

By acquiring DeLorme, Garmin manages to keep itself relevant by being able to offer satellite communications ... in both directions ... via the patents and technology of InReach.

Seems like a smart move to me (as long as the price was right!)
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Re: Garmin acquiring DeLorme

Post by AZWanderingBear » Feb 13 2016 12:32 pm

I use a Delorme PN-60. Have for quite a few years. DeLorme began, and still is, a mapping company. Pretty easy to plan a trip using their desktop software with the ability to overlay topo mapes, street maps, and satellite imagery. Then you can transfer the entire project to your handheld. The sat comm stuff came later and seems to have become their main focus and fairly successful it seems.

Agree that some consolidation in the sector was needed. Garmin's customer service sucks. I've always been pleased with DeLorme's responsiveness. Hope that carries over.
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Re: Garmin acquiring DeLorme

Post by Sredfield » Feb 13 2016 3:12 pm

SPOT sent an email about a price increase. They have upped the basic plan to $150, and added their tracking service to it. I wonder how long they can survive in competition with cell phones.
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Re: Garmin acquiring DeLorme

Post by CannondaleKid » Feb 13 2016 3:32 pm

AZ Wandering Bear wrote:Garmin's customer service sucks.
X 1,000! :gun:
AZ Wandering Bear wrote:I've always been pleased with DeLorme's responsiveness. Hope that carries over.
I wouldn't hold my breath... :sk:

Personally I would much rather have had the 'private' DeLorme take over the 'public' Garmin than the the way around. The responsiveness of DeLorme was probably because the customer was of prime importance, whereas with Garmin the stockholders are catered to and the actual customers be damned.

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