Snowpeak gigapower windscreen *FREE*

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Snowpeak gigapower windscreen *FREE*

Post by Azbackcountry »

Long story short...I had placed an order with REI for a snowpeak gigapower stove and a windscreen to go with it. Stove was on backorder, so they mailed me the windscreen. During the time stove was on backorder I decided to purchase a different stove so I canceled the backordered item with REI. Now the dilemma was do I return the windscreen that cost a measly $8 in which case the shipping would probably cost more than the $ I would get back, so I just kept the dang thing.

So....I have a windscreen for a snowpeak gigapower stove, the one with the 4 prong thingies that your pot sits on. The stove this is meant for is the one that screws directly on top of the fuel canister. Obviously I have no use for this thing and there is no REI in Tucson SO......if you own this stove and want a windscreen for it, its yours for the price of....FREE! I am located in Tucson close to the east side. If you want it just PM me
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Re: Snowpeak gigapower windscreen *FREE*

Post by rushthezeppelin »

I'll take it....even pay for shipping.
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