Osprey Aether 70 hardware FREE

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Osprey Aether 70 hardware FREE

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I destroyed my Osprey pack last week ](*,) I had it in the trunk of my car, full of gear and then my car died! I replaced my battery on the spot. I put the bad battery in the trunk and drove off. Two days later I removed the bad battery and never gave it a second thought. WELL, today I was unloading groceries when I noticed the grocery bags were sticking to my pack :? The battery leaked acid all over my pack, completely dissolving it, along with a tent and my water purifier! Damn it!

Anyway, the hardware is still good. All the zipper pulls, clips, strap adjusters, belt and the back. Some of the straps are still good as well. If anyone can use any of this stuff, let me know. It’s all almost new. If you can us it, it’s yours. You’ve just gotta pick it up.

P.s. if you would like to see any particular part. Let me know and I’ll send a picture
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