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Google Maps Bicycle Directions

Post by Tough_Boots »

Since I don't belong to any cycling forums, I'm just gonna ask here. Has anyone been using the Google directions for cycling that are still in beta? They seem to be including routes in Phoenix such as the canals which is awesome. Any feedback?
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Re: Google Maps Bicycle Directions

Post by joebartels »

I have used them a lot! When I'm in new areas and think I can shorten the trip I tend to find out the map was smart.

You can view the bike routes on the map too by right clicking over the map and selecting "Google Bike Routes".
- best in cities of course

With the red crosshair in the center of the map you can also right click and do direction "from" and "to" anywhere regardless of the bike layer.
Then when the directions pop up in the left pane select "Mode of Travel: bicycling"
Now for the cool part, at the bottom click "Edit" to send to "Route MGR" or directly download and put it in your GPS

Of course most use smartphones for that now so it's easier than ever without needing a gps unit since you'll probably be in cell range.
- joe
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Re: Google Maps Bicycle Directions

Post by Nighthiker »

I just use the Phx. Metro Bicycle Map, growing up in the valley at one time recreational activities involving the canals could get you arrested. At that time swimming, hiking, horse back riding, water skiing and running (actually all activities ended up in running and hiding out in an orange grove) was not allowed. Don't do anything along the CAP Canal, the have security, lots of security.
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