Sedona 5 Story

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Sedona 5 Story

Post by JimmyLyding »

The 'Sedona 5' tried to do a rim-to-rim on mountain bikes during the federal shutdown in 1995. I thought it was an interesting story. While I admire the cojones to attempt such a thing, I also think that they got off relatively easy. The government could've made an example out of them, but the odds of someone attempting a similar stunt when the park is open seems astronomically remote.

"I mean, I appreciated the ride, but it seems like if they wanted to punish us, it would have been better to make us ride up and then arrest us. Or, better yet, why not take the front wheel off each of our bikes and say, 'Okay, see you guys at the top!' Now that would have harshed us." ... -adventure
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Re: Sedona 5 Story

Post by chumley »

Interesting thing about this is that apparently biking is prohibited due to NPS designating Grand Canyon as "wilderness". But while they manage it that way ... it is definitely not officially designated as wilderness. See recent discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8461

And even if it was ... the corridor trails--which is what the Sedona 5 were riding on--are not part of the designated wilderness in the canyon anyway!

Of course the national park closure is a whole other issue and can't really be defended.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hiking the Widforss Trail on the north rim. At no point does it drop below the rim. The sign at the trailhead says that bicycles are prohibited on all trails that go below the rim. But it also had a no-bikes symbol for Widforss -- despite not going below the rim. Why? It would be a great trail for biking.

There are definitely some inconsistencies in the rules and/or reasons for the rules. I'm not a big mountain biker, but I can understand the frustrations of those who are.
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Re: Sedona 5 Story

Post by kingsnake »

I love that quote. You donn't often see "harshed" any more ... :D : Everyone's enjoyment of the outdoors is different and should be equally honored.
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Re: Sedona 5 Story

Post by SpiderLegs »

kingsnake wrote:I love that quote. You donn't often see "harshed" any more ... :D
Dude, you harshed my mellow...
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