Verde river kayaking(off topic)

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Verde river kayaking(off topic)

Post by pfredricks »

I was just wondering if one could kayak down the verde river pretty much unimpeded and explore some of the more remote areas.

IF so, what would be a good spot to put in and take out?

That would be pretty fun, I think.
Thanks for your thoughts
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flat water

Post by flechenbones »

I have a canoe and I'm looking for a multiple day flat-water trip on the Verde. I have heard there are some sections that might qualify. Anybody have suggestions?
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Re: Verde river kayaking(off topic)

Post by tdawg »

The weekend before mother's Day 2015, 5 of my trustiest friends and myself braved the Lower Verde River. We put in right below Bartlett Dam, with 125 c.f.s. and yaked down to Needle Rock : cave creek ranger district The trip is sketchy at best, lots of strainers, hazards. I would not recommend going down below 125. Do not bring your canoe down this river it will eat it up. Do not bring anyone who is afraid of white water, or you will lose a friend. You have to have your wits about you on this trip. Scout blind corners or you will suffer the consequences. It was supposed to be a fishing trip, I lost my pole to the River God's as did someone else on this trip. We had one guy with us who had never stepped into a kayak. I think we scared him so bad. All in all it is one hell of a ride the first part puts you in a chute, drops elevation about 35 ft, little squirly. Keep your top skilled in front and go down the hazard areas one at a time. 5 1/2 hr ride, beautiful scenery, this is one of Az's last scenic and wild rivers, you will see wild horses and your occasional mule deer. If you want adventure and excitement it's all there, so buckle up, keep your sh*t tight, because you are in for one hell of a ride.
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Re: Verde river kayaking(off topic)

Post by skatchkins »

tdawg wrote:you are in for one hell of a ride.

I know two stupid dudes that did as much of that section that they could the walmart way at 909 cfm :)
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