GC river trip lottery--I won!!!

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GC river trip lottery--I won!!!

Post by azbackpackr »

Well, chalk it up to beginners luck. I put in for the lottery to get a private permit to raft the Grand Canyon in 2012. Some of you are probably familiar with the process. Anyway, newbies have 5 chances to win, whereas if you have been down the river recently you get only one chance. Anyway, I put in, and I won! My launch date is to be Sept. 20, 2012. I know, that's 19 months from now!

Well, I guess I will be talking about this from time to time. I have a main boatman already, and he'll invite some of his friends. There is room for a total of 16 people. It's a 21 day trip, with option to extend it beyond Diamond Creek to Pearce Ferry, to make it into closer to 30 days. Shared expenses, etc. We'll have more details as time goes on as to shared costs. There likely will be room for a few non-rowers.

I can't believe it! I'm already signed up for river guide school in May, so I hope to be learning something about how to do this over the next year and a half. I'm not too worried since I will have friends to help me with the logistics.
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Re: GC river trip lottery--I won!!!

Post by chulavista »

Welcome back Liz! Can't wait to see triplog and photos. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!
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