Looking into buying a Kayak

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Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by outdoor_lover »

Looking into buying a Kayak. Right now, looking into an SOT, one person, that I will use for both just Kayaking and some serious Fishing, so I am looking at Fishing Models...But would also like a little Touring capability so I can Kayak/Fish/Camp....Don't have 1000 bucks to spend, but would like a slightly longer one, 12 ft or longer as I think they are probably better at moving through the water??? Good Stability is a must, since I'll be fishing out of it and have more than just paddling gear. Anyone out there have any experience with SOT Fishing Kayaks that can recommend brand/models??? Also, paddle models??? Also need to be able to hoist this thing on top of my car by myself, my Escape roof rack weight limit is 100 lbs... :D
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Re: Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by paulhubbard »

Whatever brand you choose, look at Craigslist before you shell out $$$ at a retail store.
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Re: Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by Hippy »

Pam I had a yak once it was a potomac and weighed 40 lbs, 8 foot long.
Short yaks like mine turn easier but longer yaks (over 12 ft) hold course and glide easier.
nowadays yaks are made MUCH lighter so you won't have ANY issue loading the yak on your rack :lol:

you for sure want to find a longer recreational kayak best for day paddles, fishing, have great stability for beginners (not sure on your level of expertises in a yak) the only down fall is due to most rec yak's build they don't hold course in a straight line too well, mine always enjoyed veering off my my left but that could also have been the way I was situated in it.
I would suggest poppin on over to REI and sitting in a few see what you are most comfortable then do what Paul suggested and poke around on craigslist....although just a few months ago when I was in gimpy hippy mode I found a reeeeally sexy yak at a garage sale in sun city!!!! of all places!!! :o
so keep your eyes open and you'll find a great yak for less than $400 EASY!
I have a soft spot in my heart for the cobra kayaks... but those cost a pretty penny. i was lucky enough to try out a brand new neon green 2013 cobra at lake pleasant back in september, Mmmmm those things are so smooth even in wake of a speed boat! :D
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Re: Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by te_wa »

might you consider something like the inflatable http://advancedelements.com/straitedge.html?
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Re: Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by beterarcher »

hey Pam,

I've got a 14 foot Competition Kayak sit on top tandem I might be be selling soon. it's a little heavy but super stable. I used to paddle it in the ocean with up to three or four foot waves. Lots of cargo space in the hold (two hatches, one big enough for an 18 pack of your beverage of choice) and many tie downs on top. I'm guessing it weighs about 65 - 70 lbs. Built for scuba diving, so it'll carry an enormous amount of weight. With the weight aft of midships when loaded for solo paddling, It steers really well. I'ts a little hard to mount on top of a rack by your self but if you can get one end up your self then push it the rest of the way it's not too bad. gray with black flecks so as not to look too touristy! it also has two mount spots to add a transom for a trolling motor. I believe with motor you would need to register it. comes with two seats and two paddles. figure I'd let it go for $700 since my paddle buddy wont be going with any more :cry:

PM me if interested, I live in North Phx and you could come over and get a look at it.
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Re: Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by RickVincent »

Can't help with the SOT option. My boats are sit-in. I would imagine there might be some fishing advantages from the higher position on top. Perhaps movement/casting/etc would be easier. I bought 2 of the Future Beach Fusion yaks from Dick's Sporting Goods. They've since come up with another version that includes fishing pole mounts and additional storage area. Cost is around $370.

Here is what I like about these kayaks...Very stable dihedral hull...I've tried other kayaks that are "very wobbly" compared to these. Mine are easy to get in and out of and I never feel that tipping sensation you get with some other boats. I'm happy with the length of these boats also. They are not too long to be a pain to transport. And yet, they are not too short either. Short kayaks may not track as well as longer boats (hold a straight line while paddling).

The weight I believe is around 45 pounds. I can easily carry one kayak in each hand from the vehicle to waters edge.

Like Hippy said, mine sometimes also feels like it has a bit of a drift to one side. Not sure if that's my position or just a characteristic of mass production.

Craigslist may be a good idea for shopping, although in my search, kayak sellers seemed to be a bit too proud with their high sale prices. I bought new for less than the prices advertised used.
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Re: Looking into buying a Kayak

Post by azbackpackr »

I'm in the process of buying a touring kayak, used, 16.5 foot Perception Shadow. I had been watching for a used touring boat on Craigslist, all over the SW and SoCal, and finally found this one at a reasonable price. It's an older model but has been stored indoors on slings. I won't be picking it up until August, since I'm paying the guy a little at a time.

My bucket list includes a long trip down the lower Colorado River, from Hoover Dam to Yuma, using a collapsible pull-cart (and hitching rides where possible) to get around the 6 or 7 dams. 330 miles of river. Also would like to paddle Lake Mead and Lake Powell on multiday trips, Sea of Cortez, Channel Islands, etc.
The boat I'm buying.  He has two--the other one is blue.  Not sure which one I'll get.
The boat I'm buying. He has two--the other one is blue. Not sure which one I'll get.
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