rap bolts?

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rap bolts?

Post by redneck20 »

what are the special bolts that are in sets of 3 for? their not regular rap anchors. but they are close to rap sites.

they have a wierd special head on them
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Re: rap bolts?

Post by nonot »

Usually bolts are put in groups with more than one for redundancy. Special heads could be a sign of older bolts, including custom one-offs, or older style bolts. Many older bolts are not to be trusted, including the old star dryvins. Without pictures though, it's hard to speculate.

If you want to read about how to recognize and replace bad bolts, there's good material out there on the interwebs and you could also take a class at a good, reputable climbing/mountaineering training place, here's one site to get you started:

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Re: rap bolts?

Post by Jeffshadows »

Beat me to it! ;)
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