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O'Leary Peak Hike - Sat May 17th

Posted: May 12 2003 3:18 pm
by hikeaz
Friend's Hiking Club is hiking:
O'Leary Peak Hike on Saturday, May 17
Leader: Mike Harren (
Hike Length: 8 miles
Phone: (602) 242-0827
Rating: Moderate

MEET at the Denny's Parking Lot at I-17 and Bell Road at 7:00 A.M. Sharp

Escape the summer valley inferno and join us for a cool day in the pines near Flagstaff! O'Leary Peak is the only cinder cone near Sunset Crater that is legal to climb! On the way to the peak, we will be hiking on an abandoned road past the Bonito lava flow through mixed conifer vegetation. We may observe deer, elk, and/or hawks. Weather permitting, the summit of this 8,965-foot lava-dome volcano provides outstanding views into Sunset Crater. The summit provides astounding late-afternoon view of the colors of Sunset Crater and the Painted Desert beyond. Be sure to bring ample food and water. Also, pack accordingly for variable weather conditions. Please respect cultural artifacts--take only pictures, leave only footprints.

If you are not a member of Friend's Hiking Club, you are still most welcome on the hike. There is a $3.00 P/P fee, however. A one year membership is $15.00, and there is no per hike fee once a member.

Posted: May 12 2003 3:48 pm
by nessanails
I wish I could go, It sounds like fun, but I have to work. :cry:
Could you email me and tell me about this hiking club?
Thank you......

Posted: May 12 2003 4:28 pm
by jimserio
I'd like to know more about the club as well. A search on Google resulted in the home page but not much info there on member dues and general membership information. The planned trips look interesting though.


Added Later:

Here's the URL to the site:

Posted: May 12 2003 4:38 pm
by MtnGeek
O'Leary Peak is not a cindercone. It is a lavadome, the same thing that Mt. Elden is made of. Sunset Crater spewed its cinders all over it making it's apearance black. It once had the same tan-ish brown colours that Mt. Elden has. The road is not abandoned, it's just closed off. You can drive up to the gate at the saddle of O'Leary Peak and Darton Dome. To see more information click here:

The actual peak is the one that the tower is not on. That side has some neat views. I suggest hiking to both summits. I have done this one 2 times. It's a neat hike, the views are increadible as you can see into Sunset Crater, the San Francisco Peaks and it over looks the northern deserts. I will not be able to join you, but I hope you have a good hike. This is a really neat hike.