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Ventana Canyon to Mt. Lemmon overnight

Posted: Oct 30 2018 11:01 am
by Merianne
I will come across sounding like a newbie, but I am. Still trying to figure out how to make my own route for my planned hike but realized it would have come and gone before I figured it out. So, without posting a map, on Nov 3 -4th I am looking for a taker or two in Tucson who would like to backpack from Ventana Canyon TH @3,000 ft. up to the Wilderness of rocks @7,000 ft. and camp, @ 18 miles. Our ride out will hike down and camp also. Sun morning we we'll hike up to Mt. Lemmon, 4 -5 miles depending on where we camp and have breakfast at the Sawmill, then get shuttled back to our cars. >5,000 ft. elevation gain, average @ 1.5 to 2 mph where it is steep, I have not really posted much for hikes but I have a good pace. Plan on leaving @ 0600. My first event post, don't leave me hanging :scared:

Re: Ventana Canyon to Mt. Lemmon overnight

Posted: Oct 30 2018 11:54 am
by azbackpackr
So, I am very curious as to how you are going to make the connection once you are up on the ridge? There is no direct trail north to Wilderness of Rocks from there. The bushwhack down would be pretty awful, I'd think. That country is beyond "rugged." It's brutal.

On the other hand, if using named trails, once you are up by the Window, from there you'd have to head east toward Esperero and connect with the Cathedral Rock Trail. You would drop down it into West Sabino, then head back west again to Romero Pass and all the way back up again, to Wilderness of Rocks. A very roundabout way to get there, and it might take you longer than a one-night backpack.

So, why not just hike up Romero Canyon Trail or up Sabino Canyon to West Sabino, in order to access Romero Pass and the trail to WOR?

Re: Ventana Canyon to Mt. Lemmon overnight

Posted: Oct 30 2018 12:16 pm
by chumley
Looks like route #1 is what is described above.

Via Sabino is the same distance (last I checked the tram isn't running) but a lot easier and nicer trail.

Other options include Esperero and up from the State Park.

Here's a map with the routes if that helps. [ Route Editor ]

Re: Ventana Canyon to Mt. Lemmon overnight

Posted: Oct 30 2018 3:12 pm
by Merianne
Ventana is the closest TH to my house, thus the choice. My goal is to go up every canyon or trail to Mt. Lemmon and make it an overnight once a month. I thought the plan was pretty basic, once up on Esperero I would take the Cathedral of Rocks to AZT and from there the trail should be good, right?? Really the only piece of this 'Ive never been on is Cathedral Rock. The first stretch is about 18 miles, I like to set myself a challenge, then meet it or make camp early. It is all good.
Thanks for your advice and the map guys.