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Any partners?

Posted: Mar 24 2002 3:01 pm
by Fritzski
For a long loop hike in the eastern Superstitions next week? Considering a Reavis Gap / Fire Line loop (@15mi) next Tues 4/2 or Thur 4/4.

Loop Hike in Eastern Superstitions

Posted: Mar 24 2002 9:20 pm
If you hold it till Thursday the 4th then I can probably go. It would be a great warm-up for my Grand Canyon trip that Saturday.


Posted: Mar 24 2002 9:26 pm
by Fritzski
Consider it done unless Cairn, my social director, vetos it for some reason as yet unknown to me.

Posted: Mar 25 2002 10:02 am
by azrocks
I haven't been to Upper Horrell - it looks like about 3 hrs drive from central Phoenix.
What's the logistics ? Camp out Wed night or early start Thurs ? I live about a mile
from GTG.

Posted: Mar 25 2002 1:21 pm
by Fritzski
Well, just as I expected, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth about specific dates till I consulted with the boss. :oops:

Now it looks like the only day I can go is Wed. 4/3.

Probably 2-2.5 hours from my place in Gilbert, so probably just try for an early departure from here, like about 530AM. Anyone living further out would be welcome to spend the night prior here.

Wish I could go

Posted: Mar 28 2002 6:08 pm
Sorry, can't make it that day. I'm already taking Thursday through Monday off to go up to the Grand Canyon.


Posted: Mar 29 2002 9:32 am
by Fritzski
Looks like Ranger Lou and I will now be doing just an in&out on Reavis Gap Tr.

Hike to Reavis

Posted: Mar 29 2002 10:36 am
You guys going to go up to Circlestone?


Grand Canyon?

Posted: Apr 03 2002 8:00 am
by jimserio

Are you doing the GC solo or with another group? I know of another local
group doing some day hiking this Sat in the canyon but I'd like to get back
there for a multi-day trek.


GC trip this weekend

Posted: Apr 03 2002 9:57 am
I'm taking a group down. The fellow I got the permit from is going down on another permit that belongs to a friend of his, so we'll see him as well.